How To Direct Positive Energy When Doing Psychic Work – by Tana Hoy

Have you ever wondered what your thoughts and feelings are? They’re energy!

Psychic energy, both negative and positive energy, is generated in your mind. And in the same way that heat energy transfers from your coffee to your spoon, your thoughts, emotions, and intentions, can also transfer from you to another person, object, your surroundings, or to a specific part of your body.

positive energy

Working With Positive Energy

By learning to focus, and then consciously direct this positive psychic energy, you can take your psychic abilities to another level.

Directing Your Psychic Energy

Learning to focus your energy to a particular part of your body is very useful, especially in activities such as healing, self-defense, when sending out your thoughts (mental telepathy), and even when making psychic predictions.

It also helps in self-control, because when you learn to direct your energy, it keeps it from “going everywhere.” What I mean is, you can imagine your psychic energy as water in a teapot. If you keep the lid open while the water is boiling, the steam just evaporates and “scatters” out into the air. But if you keep the lid closed, the steam will be directed to the spout where it will come out in a more controlled and focused way.

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Furthermore, focusing and directing your energy allows you to maximize your efforts to produce positive results. For example, when you sense that your boss is upset, or isn’t listening to you, you can focus soothing thoughts, and direct your energy to him using your eyes. In just a short time, he will calm down and begin to pay attention to what you’re saying.

You can train yourself to direct psychic energy from your mind to any part of your body you choose, depending on your needs. When I do psychic phone readings, I use my hands (along with my ears) as one means of tapping into my clients’ energy.
But for starters, it’s good to first concentrate on one part and use it for one particular purpose.

Training Yourself To Direct Psychic Energy

For this exercise, our aim is to transfer your thoughts to another person using your hand as a conduit.

You can do this activity just about anywhere, although a quiet place is best. The only other requirements are four aces from an ordinary deck of cards and a friend who’s willing to help you.

• First, explain to your friend that you’re going to get choose an ace from a deck of cards, and then reveal to him what suit it is by using your mind energy.

• Next, relax your body and your mind, and free yourself of distracting thoughts.

• When your breathing has reached a steady and even pace, choose an ace and start thinking about it. Hold this image in your mind’s eye.

• Then touch your friend on the hand, on the arm, or on the temples, and by using your thoughts, begin to transfer the name of the suit to them.

• Visualize the image of the ace passing through your hand toward him.

• Your friend should then tell you the first suit (diamonds, hearts, clubs, or spades) that comes to his mind.

• I advice keeping a journal to take note of your progress. You can have several tries per session, and daily practice is highly advisable.

Other alternative exercises include heating up your palms using your mind, and making a candle flame flicker by pointing a finger at it.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with any other new skill, don’t expect to be an expert on the first go. It takes time and patience, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Later on, when you’ve mastered transferring your positive energy through one part of your body, you can diversify and try to focus your psychic energy through another part of your body, such as your eyes.

Just remember, before you can let your energy flow effectively, you need to make sure that your chakras (body’s energy systems) need to be balanced and aligned.

A chakra balancing and aura reading will tell you if your chakras are functioning properly. Through a phone psychic reading, I can also teach you other ways that you can direct your innate psychic energy for good works.

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