Your Positive Thoughts Can Change The World – by Tana Hoy

Did you know that your positive thoughts have a positive affect on the world? Yes, the things that you think about and desire can either clean up or pollute your surroundings!

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As you know, through the news and even your own personal experiences, our world is suffering from so much pollution. The air is filled with smog, people throwing waste on lands and in our waters, relentless noise and unpleasant sounds, and too much artificial light.

All of these things are harmful, not only for our health, but also for the animals, and for the whole planet. But there is another kind of pollution that’s causing just as much harm, and it’s called “psychic pollution.”

What Is Psychic Pollution?

Psychic pollution is the collective psychic “emissions” building up in the world form people’s negative and positive thoughts. Because of this build-up, many people have deteriorating spiritual health, which can also result in a weaker spiritual mind and physical body.

The Main Cause Of Psychic Pollution

This non-physical type of contamination is primarily caused by all the negative thought energies that are released into the world. You see, everything emits energy, which includes our thoughts, emotions, desires, aspirations, intentions, words, and actions.

When negativity is expressed, such as an evil intent or an act of violence, the negative energy from the thought or act is released and lodged into the world.

If you can try to visualize the energy being released from bad actions, such as domestic and street violence, war, verbal arguments, fights, lies, deception, theft, and the like, as physical garbage, can you imagine how deep in stinky waste products we’d be?

And if you think of negative emotions like jealousy, envy, evil desires, repressed anger, depression, pride, and similar feelings, to be like the air around us, we wouldn’t be able to see three feet ahead of us from all the smog!

How Psychic Pollution Will Affect You

Psychic pollution is not visible to the naked eye in the same way that garbage is, but you can definitely sense its effects. If you try to visit a place where violence is rampant, the heaviness in the air is almost tangible, as opposed to, let’s say, a forest that has not “known” murder or malice.

Where there is heavy psychic pollution, you will feel depressed and lethargic. There may be a sense of inner fear, or a sense of desperation. In many cases, you may also tend to get physically affected, or even ill. When you go to such a place that’s weighed down by psychic pollution, it’s as though you can’t “breathe” psychically.

The thing about psychic pollution is, it tends to spiral. For instance, when a home is filled with anger, the residents in that house can become full of resentment. This feeling of resentment breeds more anger and other negative thoughts and emotions. And it goes on and on, causing the negative energy to multiply.

How To Stop Psychic Pollution

The only way to actually stop psychic pollution is to pull it out at it’s roots. This means that each person needs to take become more aware their thoughts, emotions, desires, intentions, and actions, and start working on changing the negative ones into positive ones, to stop this negative energy from being released into the world.

This is easier said than done, of course, but it’s not impossible to do. You can start by spending time meditating each day, paying more attention on a daily basis to what you think, feel, say, and do at all times. And you will then start consciously emiting positive energy by having pleasant thoughts and good intentionns.

When you start radiating good vibes, other people will be drawn to you, and they will begin to start emitting positive energies themselves. Your actions create what is called a “collective change”, so you can certainly make a difference, starting from your home, then your workplace, your the neighborhood, and then out into the world.

Furthermore, with a simple act of thinking positive thoughts, you will start achieving spiritual wellness for yourself, and at the same time, causing a positive change in the entire world!

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  1. grace newman says:

    So true and THOUGHTS ARE THINGS and I am guilty too.
    Thank you for reminding me and still wish I could come back
    to California first love

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