Your Power of Intention: Secrets To Building Wealth

When people think of wealth, the first thing that usually comes to mind is money. A person is viewed as wealthy if he or she is financially well-off, with more than enough money to sustain his or her needs and wants.

images3Ironically, there are people who have hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, but do not consider themselves as wealthy. What, then, is wealth?

True wealth involves more than just material possessions. A person may not be a millionaire, but still have an abundance of good things, such as comfortable living, good health, loyal friends, time to enjoy nature, a stress-free lifestyle, a peaceful home, a harmonious family, and more. While money is certainly a factor, it is not the whole picture.

So, how do you go about building wealth?

Wealth And The Power of intention

The first thing you need to remember is that the mind is the soil where the seeds of wealth are planted. And what do you plant in that soil? Despair? Anger? Frustration? If you want the good things in life, you will, of course, choose good seeds to sow, cultivate, to eventually harvest; and you discard the rest.

Your intentions are the seeds that you choose to plant. When you intend to do or have something, then you are, in fact, planting a seed in your mind that will take root, grow, and bear fruit. You pay attention to them, you focus on them.

As for the seeds that you discard, those are things that you should not pay attention to or think about (like worries). Those discarded seeds won’t grow, and will just wither away if you disengage your mind from them.

The Difference Between Intention And Attention

Intentions are quite different from desires, wants, and wishes because with intention, you are not attaching yourself to the results or the outcome; that is, when you intend something, your motivation is focused on your vision, and not on the end result. And as you focus your attention on your seeds of wealth you are watering, cultivating, and pruning them in your thoughts – then they will grow, flourish, and bear fruit.

Because intention is desire without attachment, it is a powerful force that causes things to happen. Your thoughts are focused on your goal, and it becomes a strong magnet that the Universe responds to. The “selfish” self, in a sense, is taken out of the equation, and your goal becomes the focal point of energy.

Intentions are for the future – they are the seeds that you plant today that will eventually bear fruit, while attention is for the present – it is what you focus on now.

Think of it this way: after you plant a seed (intention), you don’t worry about how nature is going to make it grow into a tree in the future, because it just does. What you do is water it each day (attention), knowing without a doubt that your seeds (attention) will grow into a tree.

Manifesting Your Intentions

In order to manifest your intention of building wealth, you first need to be clear about what you want. You need to think about what precisely is your goal is. The focus on that goal, but without attachment, the same as you would if you planted a seed to grow a tree.

For example, if you intend to have a circle of trustworthy, reliable friends, then first, you need to take away your “ego”! In other words, don’t try to dictate to the Universe what you want. For example, don’t tell the universe that you desire only rich, good-looking people who you would be proud to be seen with every Friday night at the country club. This desire is centered on the “self” and what the ego can get out of it.

Once you know precisely what you intend, and your intention is clearly focused in your mind, then release it out into the universe and know that its manifestation already is.

Imagine this: an acorn does not look anything like an oak tree, but once you plant that acorn in the ground, under all the right conditions, it has no choice but to be an oak tree, manifesting its true potential. It’s the same with your intention and the manifestation of them.

Although wishes are not as powerful as intentions, it is still worth remembering that “wishes” are still seeds that you plant – they are still desires..

Select Your Goals Carefully

Intentions are powerful, so you need to make sure that you select your goals carefully. Your wealth seeds need to be pure, and they should never cause harm to others, the environment, or the universe. Also, remember that working side-by-side with the power of intention is karmic (cause & effect), so whatever thoughts you release sets either good or bad karma in motion.

Remember, if your intentions are pure and aligned with the universe, the universe, in turn, will provide you with an abundance of wealth.

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