Summoning The Power of Intention To Manifest Any Desire – by Tana Hoy

From the time you were old enough to appreciate birthday cakes, you’ve already been exposed to the psychic power of candles. You just make a wish and blow!

the power of intention

The Power Of Intention

It’s not that candles have power in themselves, but they’re also an excellent psychic tool that allows you to harness the psychic power of intention. They help you focus your mind on your desire, and let you shape, form, and center this desire into one focal point (the candle).

And by either blowing the flame (such as on birthday cakes) or deliberately keeping it lit (like on vigil candles), you release that concentrated force (your desire) into the universe.

Why Use Candles?

Candles are effective for manifesting intentions. Aside from birthdays, they’re also used during prayers and vigils. During a vigil, a person lights candles with their requests in mind, which is simply centering and strengthening their intentions.
Candles are good for good for mindful relaxation, too, like when you intend to release negative energy, such as anxiety and stress.

Also, candles are utilized during séances, wherein the psychic medium and the participants gather their collective energies, with the intention of communicating with the spirits of the departed. Many psychics also light candles when making psychic predictions, and while conducting a reading.

Furthermore, candles have a way of changing the ambience in a room, making it more subdued and calm. This sense of calmness that candles radiate allows you to become more sensitive to your psychic senses, and become more connected with the universe.

How To Use Candles To Manifest Your Intentions

To use a candle to manifest your intentions, you can do the following:
• Select a candle that you feel most comfortable with. Listen to your intuitive senses when choosing the color, shape, size, and scent.
Always use a new candle, because those that have already been lit have embedded energies in them from when they were previously used.
• Go to a quiet room with minimal wind or draft.

• Light your candle and close your eyes.

• Meditate. Relax your mind and body, and when your breathing becomes relaxed, express your intention. Visualize your desire in your mind, and mentally affirm it is what you want.

• Remember that when you state your desire, you need not plead or beg.

• Believe, claim, and thank the universe. Because you know without a doubt that what you intend will come to pass, it’s only fitting that you send out your appreciation to the universe as well.

• Now, release your intention. You can do this by either blowing out the flame, or by allowing the candle to burn out on its own. Once you release your desire, stop thinking about it. The universe will handle the details. Know with confidence that it’s yours, leaving the details up to the Universe

• Then bring your awareness back into the room.

Candles are a great psychic tool to use for focusing and releasing your power of intention.

And if you need help knowing the outcome of any desire you have, a psychic reading will guide you towards making the right decisions! I hope you found this article helpful!

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