How “Power Of The Mind” Can Attract Love Into Your Life – by Tana Hoy

As a human, it’s only natural to want to have romance in your life. But you may think that romantic attraction “just happens”, so you shrug and give up.

power of the mind

Mind Power

However, did you know that you can manifest romance through the power of the mind?

To try to define romance is to do it injustice, because it can’t be fully described, only experienced. But in essence, it’s a deep connection with another individual, one which evokes a feeling of pleasurable emotional intimacy.

Usually, the excitement of romance is at it’s height at the beginning of a relationship, and then wanes as months or years pass by.

So, if you’re not in a relationship, or if you’re in one where the the flame has started to wane, how can you put some romantic positive energy back into your life?

Defining What You Desire

If you’re looking for a romantic relationship, first, you need to know who you are. Are you shy, bookish, athletic, party-going, or a homebody? This is important to know, because only when you know yourself, will you know what you want and what your goals are.

Second, you need to know what you want in a person. My advice as a love psychic is to go for the type that complements you. Complementary doesn’t mean your opposite. What it means is someone who can share the same interests as you, and who you can talk to, but at the same time, can help you grow, and vice versa.

Third, know what you want in a relationship. You want romance, but what kind of romance? A romance full of flowers and candlelit dinners, traveling as a couple, or staying at home by the fire?

If you already have a special someone and you want to rekindle romance in your relationship, you can look into the past and recall the time when your romance was at its peak. What made you both excited? What caused the heat to turn lukewarm? I often help people discover these reasons during their psychic readings.

Then ask yourself what you want in your relationship, and what kind of romance you want to manifest.

Using The Power Of Your Mind To Manifest The Love Your Desire

Once you’ve identified what you desire, then it’s time to sit down and start manifesting romance into your life.

• First, let yourself relax.

• Next, mentally talk to your spirit guides, letting them know what you intend to do. Ask them for guidance and they will assist you in attracting the kind of romantic relationship that’s in line with your soul purpose.

• Now, write down in one short sentence, a summary of what you desire. Don’t say, “Oh, I wish I had this and that.” Instead, be confident and say, “I want to…” For example, write, “I want to have romance back into our relationship,” or “I want to find my soulmate.”

• Below that statement, write down the characteristics that you’re looking for, or the kind of romantic relationship that you want. Write down all of your desires.

• Now, in your mind, surrender these desires to the universe. Know that the universe will respond to you, and it will handle all the details!

• Thank the universe and your spirit guides, keep your list in a safe place, and stop thinking about it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that you can actually have what you desire. So you can write an affirmation, like, “I’m ready for romance,” or “I’m a magnet for romantic love.” Recite this under your breath as often as you can, throughout the day, every day, wherever you are.

As you use the power of the mind to attract romance, it becomes “easier” for the universe to manifest your desires. But if, for whatever reason, you’re finding it difficult to manifest love, then a psychic love reading will help you find the answers you are seeking!

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