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There are many ways to develop the power of the mind, such as through regular meditation, by using ESP cards (also called Zener cards), and by trying to read other people’s thoughts.

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Make Clouds Disappear

Budding psychics and psychic mediums engage themselves in these exercises to enhance their psychic abilities. But did you know that you can also enhance your own abilities by using your mind to make clouds disappear?

Making clouds disappear clouds is an exercise used to practice psychic control over weather patterns. It’s a fun, yet effective exercise that greatly helps in enhancing your psychic power.

I usually do this particular exercise during long breaks between psychic readings, and all it really involves is focusing on a particular cloud, and making it break up until it disappears!

Many cultures still practice controlling the weather using psychic means. This has been used for centuries, and has been used to invoke winds, make the sun shine, or hold back storms. You may have heard of rain dancing rituals, and they are an example of psychic weather control.

Individuals who practice psychic weather control can make a light breeze blow, or cause a small drizzle. But when done as a group, the practice becomes much more powerful, because of the collective psychic energy of the individuals in the group.

How To Make Clouds Disappear Using Your Mind Power

You can practice cloud dissolving whenever the skies are relatively clear. Choose a day when there are a few wisps of clouds, and there is no threat of a rainstorm.

1. Sit outdoors in a shade, and try to be as comfortable as possible.
2. Choose a puffy cloud that doesn’t look heavy or gray (you can try these types of clouds at a later stage in your personal practice). Avoid staring directly at the sun, as this will damage your eyes!
3. Focus on the cloud that you’ve chosen. Now using your mind, “will it” to dissolve.
4. Now visualize the cloud breaking up into smaller and smaller fragments. In your mind, see it scattering.
5. In a few minutes, you should see it start to disappear.

In the beginning, it may take more time, but as you get used to focusing your psychic energy, the results will happen much faster. You will be amazed at how the particular cloud you’ve chosen dissolves as you focus on it, while the rest of the clouds remain as they are!

There are other exercises that you can try, too.

On cloudy days, you may practice conjuring a small drizzle in your yard, or on hot days, you can psychically try making the wind blow. In the evening, you may try making a candle flame flicker, or the fire in your fireplace blaze.

Having this mind power is important when you want to enhance your psychic gifts, such as reading other people or making psychic predictions, because exercises like these can really help develop the hidden psychic power of the mind.

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  1. Norman says:

    I do this quite often. I’ve noticed that in my case, now, just by looking briefly at a cloud for a bit, it will disappear quite rapidly even when I turn my attention away from it. I have also succeeded in making a cloud appear. I’ve noticed that when we make clouds disappear, sometimes they will appear elsewhere, so it seems they are being transferred. I also ask ”My Higher Power” or the universe to make clouds appear at a specific spot in the sky (above a tree) and it often happens, even when the sky is completely cloud-free otherwise and when I have left the area for a bit. I then thank the universe and God for showing me yet another sign.
    Amazing stuff…

  2. Yxd says:

    i have this “power” since like 1 year ago.. it feels very fun to make some clouds dissapear.. just need some concentration

  3. Howard Austen says:

    I have been doing this since I was a child, Thought it was just me. So awesome to find this page

    Thank you

  4. Charles says:


  5. Carlee says:

    I never have tried making clouds dissapeer but I can stop clouds and make them turn with my energy.

  6. Robert says:

    I have recently discovered an ability regarding clouds. I can make a cloud disappear, stand still, combine two clouds an so forth. Have you ever heard of anyone being able to stop every cloud in the sky as far as you can see?

  7. Charlo Wigglesworth says:


    Could you please help me understand this cloud related phenomena I experience many years ago?

    Something strange and unexpected happened after making a few clouds disappear one sunny day from my third floor balcony in southern California. Later that night I was laying in bed in a dark room with my wife and we were talking. After a few minutes, when my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I suddenly noticed hundreds of tiny points of light moving against the ceiling. They were glowing dimly with a bluish white color and had a diaphanous appearance. As I was watching, their numbers were increasing; they were swimming around each other and after three or four minutes the entire ceiling resembled a writhing mosaic of tiny glowing worms.

    I asked my wife, ‘Do you see that on the ceiling?’ She said, “See what?” I described what I was looking at and she just said,
    “I told you not to mess with that stuff.”

    I didn’t sense any danger but I started to feel uncomfortable not knowing what this was or what might happen next. I closed my eyes for several seconds and whenI opened them they were still up there. I did this again and this time I kept them closed for a few minutes. When I looked again, they were still there but their number had really decreased. Eventually there were only a few left and I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

    Do you know what this was? What would have happened if I hadn’t succeeded in stopping it from continuing? What would happen if these things continued to increase in number? It seem that my eyes were causing this since it went away when I stopped looking at them. Did I take something into my body or my brain like “orgone” energy? Why wasn’t my wife able to see this? I was surprised that she couldn’t because she was an extremely psychic person. This never happened again after that but I never made any more clouds disappear either.

    I would really like to know what was going on there. Could you please explain this? Is not a common thing? The book I learned this technique from didn’t mention anything about this or any other side effects that I recall.

    Thank you very much!


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