Powerful Law Of Attraction Techniques To Bring You Success


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Law of attraction means “Like attracts like. If you want to attract positive things in life, you should fill your minds with only positive thoughts.

When it comes to becoming a success, what you believe is what you’ll achieve.

You have the power to change your life and live your dreams…

…and you can use the Law of Attraction to achieve this.

The mind is a very powerful tool that links your thoughts directly to the world around you – shaping your reality and your perception of life. By focusing your thoughts on positive things, the Law of Attraction enables you to create the life that you want.


What Is the Law of Attraction?


Simply put, the Law of Attraction means “Like attracts like”. This means that you have the ability to attract whatever you focus on.

How does this happen?

Everything is made up of energy and energy vibrations. Your thoughts have energy and produce vibrations at different frequencies.

Positive thoughts produce higher frequencies compared to negative thoughts. If your mind is filled with positive thoughts, you will attract good things in life. If you think about negative thoughts, you will attract negative things. The more focused you are on a specific thought, the more you will attract things of the same vibration.

Aside from attracting things with the same vibration, the Law of Attraction also enables you to manifest the things you want.

Manifestation is the creation of reality using the power of your mind by affirming the desires you have in life.

So by using the Law of Attraction, your thoughts can be used to attract success, wealth, and whatever you can think of.

If you want to practice manifesting your thoughts, you can start by using positive affirmations every day.


What Are Positive Affirmations?


Positive affirmations are words that you speak out loud, or silently in your mind. The key is believing in your words.

You can use the guide below to create positive affirmations that are designed to work especially for you:

  • Your affirmations should be connected to you, your goals, and your behavior
  • Your affirmations should be simple
  • Your affirmations should be filled with emotion
  • Your affirmations should be positive
  • You must use the present tense in your affirmations
  • Your affirmations should be specific, yet realistic
  • You should repeat your affirmations as often as possible

Here are examples of affirmations that have worked wonders for those who are practicing manifestation using the Law of Attraction:

  1. I AM receiving abundance now in unexpected ways.
  2. I AM confident in my ability to create the life I desire.
  3. I AM successful in all areas of my life.
  4. I AM powerful and successful.
  5. I AM open to all possibilities.


By using these affirmations as examples, you can start creating affirmations that will work for you. You can also use these affirmations to jumpstart the journey to your success.

Aside from affirmations, you can also incorporate the Law of Attraction in your daily living.

In a few moments, you’ll read an everyday routine I use, which can help attract the things you want in an easy and simple way.


Law Of Attraction Daily Routine


10 minutes of your time each day can lead to big changes in your life.

I use the Law of Attraction by spending 10 minutes a day focusing on my goals and saying my affirmations. You don’t need to spend hours each day saying your daily affirmations, but you need to be committed and consistent to help attract the things you want.

You can practice my daily routine below to maximize the effects of the Law of Attraction in your life. Spreading positive vibes throughout the day improves your chances of having the life you desire.

In The Morning

  1. Visualize
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The moment you wake up, visualize your day filled with events happening in a positive way.

When you wake up, do a quick, three-minute visualization seeing the day’s events happening in a positive way.

Create a clear and vivid image of what you want to happen in the next couple of hours. Imagine yourself strong, happy, and content, and you will start the day in a great mood.

  1. Focus on your goals

Write down at least one goal that you want to accomplish that day. Big or small, all goals are vital in transforming your life, so don’t hold back and write what’s really on your mind.

For example, you write down “Talk to the new guy at work.” This may seem like a small task but you can use this new connection as a way to improve your communication skills or set yourself apart as a “people person” when applying for a promotion.

  1. Discuss your plans with family or friends over breakfast

Even conversation over breakfast can be turned into an affirmation moment for you. Discuss what you want to achieve that day with your loved ones. For example, “I’m going to top my sales record today.”

  1. Practice affirmations

Before you head out the door, stop by the mirror and spend 40 seconds reciting an affirmation.

You can say something simple like “Today is going to be a great day.” or powerful and specific, like “I am confident that my client will sign the contract today.”

  1. Do random acts of kindness

Challenge yourself to do as many random acts of kindness as you can on your way to work. You can hold the door open for a stranger or give up your seat on the train.

  1. Spread positive energy

Be positive when interacting with other people. Smile and greet your colleagues when you arrive at the office.

Show genuine interest in what other people are doing or compliment a co-worker on a beautiful outfit.

At Lunch

  1. Be kind to yourself

This step is very important in maintaining your positive mood and keeping your energy up.

Be kind to yourself by eating a nutritious and satisfying meal. Freshen up by combing your hair or spritzing on some perfume.

Then close your eyes for a minute or and visualize a happy and rewarding day.

In The Afternoon

  1. Continue to spread positivity

Usually, the energy in the workplace goes down after lunch. This is the perfect time to continue spreading positivity until the day ends. You can talk about fresh ideas for projects or show excitement for a colleague’s progress.

In The Evening

  1. Reflect on your progress

Talk about the enjoyable things you experienced that day over dinner with family or friends. Tell them about your intentions for the rest of the evening and even the next day to affirm what you want to achieve.

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At the end of the day, reflect on your progress and the many

  1. Meditate

As the evening slows down, spend a few minutes meditating. Find a quiet space in your home where you can close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Feel every muscle in your body relaxing and let a feeling of contentment flow through you. You can do this for 5 minutes or less.

  1. Write in a gratitude journal

Before you sleep, document the positive things that happened during the day in a gratitude journal. Write down everything you are thankful for, like solving a problem for a customer or being nominated for a promotion by your boss.

Write five positive things every night and let your feelings of gratitude and contentment flow through you as you sleep.


The Truth About The Law Of Attraction


You don’t have to just go with what life gives you or rely on your luck. Life can be shaped into the way you want it to be through the Law of Attraction.

You are an artist and life is your canvas. Your thoughts are the brushes and the paint is the actions you use to create your masterpiece.

You may not be aware of it, but you are already using affirmations. Every time you hope for something or imagine a better life, you are creating a change through your thoughts.

Attracting success is just a matter of strengthening your focus and being consistent.

If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I can teach you all the things you need to know.

You can schedule a Manifestation Attraction Reaction Session by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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