Here’s A Very Powerful Manifestation Technique To Use!

Hello Light Seeker,

I was taking my evening walk last night around 10 PM when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move! So I turned around, and all of the sudden, right before my very eyes, a beautiful being of light materialized right in front of me!

As I stood there, a man with the most beautiful aura appeared, and I have to admit, I was a bit speechless!

He was wearing a long lavender robe, and he was holding a long scepter that was covered in the most beautiful, brightest gemstones I had ever seen!

He told me his name is Zolar, an Ascended Master from the 8th dimension of the Violet Light  Ray, and that he is going to become one of my Ascended Master Guides! (This now makes 152 guides that I work with!)

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We spoke for two hours as he followed me home and explained many things to me. In a nutshell, he told me he is impressed with how freely I share my knowledge with others, and how I have been sharing information that will help others to ascend their own souls to a higher level!

I was in tears, and happy at the same time! He told me to share this Advanced Psychic Technique with people, and that it will help them to improve many things in their lives! This technique will help to improve finances, love, health, money, careers, you name it! It works for anything you apply it towards!

You need a Quartz Crystal and a Piece of Angelite for this technique. You can order both of these on eBay.

Make sure to bury them in sea salt for 24 hours to neutralize their energies before you do this!

So here is the technique. I decided to call it:

The Zolar Ascension Manifestation Technique

  1. Sit upright and hold the Quartz in your left hand, and the Angelite in your fight hand.
  2. Close your eyes, and take 3 deep breathes!
  3. Imagine anything you want to improve in your life!
  4. Visualize it as clearly as you can!
  5. Repeat the following words: “I request the help and assistance of Zolar to help me manifest (say what you desire here) ____________in my life. I send this desire outward into the Universe with love and light, and I ask that it be given to me only if it is for my highest good! I sincerely appreciate your help Zolar!”
  6. Open your eyes, and then go on about your day!
  7. Wait for 2 to 12 months for your desire to materialize.


If it is for your highest good it will materialize, if not, it will not.

This is one of the most powerful techniques I have ever been shown.

Let me know how it works for you!

In light and peace,


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  1. Odette says:

    I will definitely try this! Thanks Tana.

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks Tana 🙂

  3. Amazing!!! I am so excited to do this xoxox

  4. Judith says:

    Thank you I sincerely appreciate your kindness and perfect timing

  5. Melody Drinkwater Wagner says:

    Thank You Tana and Thank You Zolar! Love and Light to You both!

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