What Is Prana Energy – by Tana Hoy

The Earth is filled with a massive amount of energy that constantly flows around us. During one of my Astral travels, I managed to view the Earth from hundreds of miles above ground.

what is prana

What Is Prana?

What Is Prana?

Seeing the spiritual energy of the planet from that high up has given me a lot of insight when it comes to how energy flows in the Earth. For one, I noticed that the flow of energy in the Earth is actually very similar to the flow of energy in the human body.

Energy is something that is very abundant, and this is proven in the way that living things on the planet naturally thrive. There’s a lot of energy constantly moving around the Earth.

Lately, I have discovered something interesting. I found that a person does not even have to be clairvoyant to see the most basic form of energy anymore. Yes, even my friends who are not psychic have told me that there were times when they were able to view prana.

What Is Prana And Where Is It Abundant?

Prana (sometimes spelled as pranna)  is the most basic form of energy. Think of prana as the atoms and molecules of the spiritual world. Together, prana forms the building blocks or spiritual and elemental energy, such as the energies of fire, water, air, and earth.

Prana does not have a definitive pattern. It is just pieces of energy and as such, their appearance greatly varies.

From experience, I have found that prana tends to appear like interconnected dots of energy. These dots of energy are usually abundant in places that are generally clean and clear of human interference. I have found prana to be more abundant at the beach, for example, than in an old apartment building.

How To See Prana With The Naked Eye

As mentioned above, I have recently discovered that even my non-clairvoyant friends have been able to view prana, despite their third eye not being very developed yet, because prana is the most basic form of energy. And as such, it vibrates very closely to the physical realm, to the point where it can be seen with the naked eye.

The easiest way to see prana is to focus on a nearby spot that is free of any distortions, or anything that may distract you. Focusing on the sky during a sunny day would be a perfect example. When you focus your eyes on a particular spot, try squinting a little. Not a lot, just a tiny bit.

Then, relax your eyes, and try to free your mind. You will probably start noticing these little transparent dots that are floating around, close to your line of vision. That is air prana, the smallest unit of prana energy.

Practice Makes Perfect

Try doing the same exercise at the beach, or when there is a bonfire being lit. Chances are, you will see the same patterns of translucent dots hovering just in front of you. In these cases, you will see water or fire prana.

A lot of my friends have become quite fond of this exercise, because for them, it seems like they are peeking into the very cells of the Earth’s energy – a wonderful, insightful experience to say the least.

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