How To Protect Yourself From an Energy Vampire Attack!

Hi there,

I wanted to talk about how to protect yourself from negative people. I received an email a few days ago, and after reading it, I decided I needed to teach people how to protect themselves from energy vampires: people who suck your energy dry!

Energy vampires are negative people who literally feed off the energy of others. They are not always easy to identify, because they look like a normal person. They are normal people, except for the fact they feed off your positive energy.

Here’s the email I received which made me realize I need to teach people about protection!

Dear Tana,

I have a coworker who makes me feel tired, drained, and worn out, after spending only an hour or so around  her. If there was such a thing as a vampire, I feel she would be the closest you can get to one. Only instead of drinking blood, she drinks my energy.

Tana, have you ever heard of anything like this before, or am I just crazy?

Jenny R

Alberta, Canada

Here is another email someone sent me:

Dear Tana,

I have a friend who is always negative. Whenever she speaks, dark clouds seem to fly out of her mouth. She has lost most of her friends due to her negative attitudes, and no one wants to be her friend anymore.

I’m her only friend left, and I’m about to let the friendship go too. Whenever I am around her, I feel depressed, tired, and sad.

Am I bad person not wanting to be her last friend?

Tamara J.

Phoenix, AZ

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Both of these ladies have firsthand experience with a psychic vampire, and they both shared feeling the same emotions when around these energy suckers!

So I realized I need to teach people how to protect themselves, because energy vampires are no joke! They can literally drain your energy, causing damage to your aura, chakras, and even your mental and physical health!

Signs of an Energy Vampire

Here are common signs to know you are in the presence of an energy vampire:

1. They are always talking negative. Everything is bad, and nothing is ever right in their world

2. They complain about everything

3. They like to gossip a lot

4. They always seem down and in a gloomy mood

5. The glass is always half empty

6. They use guilt to control and manipulate others

7. They never pay for anything, always expecting others to pay their way

8. Even if you buy their dinner, they never offer to buy yours

9. They are extremely self-centered people

10. They are usually lazy, expecting others to carry their load

These are some common signs, but not all of them. But the above list will give you an idea of the personality types of these people.

8 Ways To Protect Yourself From An Energy Vampire Attack!

So here’s what to do whenever you find yourself unexpectedly in the presence of an energy vampire. I am going to teach you a few easy ways to protect your energy, and also save yourself.

1. Leave the situation ASAP. Make any excuse to leave. Lingering around them drains you even more!

2. If you cannot leave the situation, imagine a large brick wall standing between you and the other person.

3. Always place a bubble of white light around yourself before leaving your house each day.

4. Take a bath in sea salt once a week, to keep your energy clean.

5. Say the following prayer to your angels, asking for protection: “I call on divine protection right now, to surround me and save me from this energy attack.”

6. If it’s raining outside, walk in the rain. Don’t worry about getting wet. Rain water will cleanse you, and you can always dry off later with a towel.

7 Walk in the direct sunshine for 5 minutes. Sunshine will burn off the negative energy residue they leave on you.

8. Call a trusted psychic and have your energy cleansed immediately! This is the most assured way to know you will be unaffected.

Energy vampires are no joke. 10 minutes around one can have long-lasting affects on your physical, mental and emotional health.

These encounters can cause you to suffer from depression, feelings of melancholy, mood swings, anxiety, and a host of other things. A weakened auric field, caused by exposure to an energy vampire, can also leave your energy field vulnerable to being infected with energy leeches.

I hope you’ll use the above techniques whenever you encounter an energy vampire. And you should also use them now, because I am sure you have been exposed to one at some point in your life. These techniques will also help undo past damage from exposure to one!

If after trying the above techniques nothing works, consult a trusted psychic right away to have some healing work.

Good luck, and I hope these techniques are useful to you on a daily basis!

In light and peace (and love),

Tana Hoy

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