How to know how many Energy Leeches are attached to you!

In my last email, I told you all about Energy Leeches and what they are. In this email, I am going to tell you how to know if you have any Energy Leeches, and if you do, how to get rid of them!

Energy Leeches

Believe it or not, many people’s auras are full of energy leeches, which I talked about in my last email, and these leeches can actually lay “Energy Eggs” that float around in the air.

These eggs will actually stick to your aura, hatch, and the leechlings will start sucking your energy too!

Your aura can become infested with these energy eggs from just being in the same room where a negative person has been!

This is why unhappy people like I talked about earlier, always seem to have things never go their way! This is because they draw and attract bad things to them as a result of their negative thinking.

The most important thing for anyone is to keep their attitudes as positive as possible. Because your thoughts are directions that are sent out into the Universe, and what you think, literally comes back to you.

When you are in a constant negative frame of mind, you also weaken your auric shield of energy, and this is also when energy leeches will attach themselves to your aura. When this happens, your life force gets continually sucked out of you!

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Here are 3 things I recommend to protect yourself from negative people and prevent energy leeches from getting attached to your aura:

1. Avoid negative people like the plague

2. Keep your thoughts positive.

3. Use positive affirmations to lift your mood whenever you feel down.

4. Make sure to have a Chakra Balancing And Aura cleansing at least every 6 months!

Energy Leeches And Their Eggs

Because energy Leeches lay eggs, this makes people more susceptible to having their own aura become infested with them!

What are the changes I have seen after removing these leeches from a person’s energy field:

– Back pain and stiffness went away. Now not all back stiffness is from an energy leech, but since they have tentacles that are about 10 feet long, they wrap them around your spine when they feed. These tentacles can cause back and joint stiffness too!

– Recurring headaches have left. Since they suck out your energy, they can be the cause of what many people often mislabel as stress headaches!

– More energy returns. It only goes to reason that if they suck out your energy, once they are removed, your energy comes back!

– Plus a whole lot of other things!

Signs That You Have An Energy Leech

– If you suspect you might have energy leeches, here is a good way to know for sure.

– If you have been experiencing any of the above things for no apparent reason, it is probably due to an energy leech.

– If you have been losing energy for no reason lately, probably an energy leech.

– If you have been around negative people, you have probably become affected!

– If you have foggy thinking, or trouble remembering things due to a racing mind, it is probably an energy leech!

– If you have a sense when reading this that you have an energy leech, it is the voice of your guides and angels letting you know you do!

If you have them, make sure to get them removed! You’ll be amazed how much better you feel afterwards!

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Emails From Clients After Having Leeches Removed

Dear Tana, 

After you removed all 6 energy leeches from my aura, I have more energy than ever! 

Thank you! 

Cindy C. 


Dear Tana, 

After having those nasty leeches removed, my back aches and pains went away! I couldn’t believe it! 

Albie Y. San Diego, CA 


Dear Tana,

I am so glad I listened to you and had those leeches removed. My thinking is clearer than it has ever been in my whole life!

Ron P. Durham, N.C. 


How To Have Energy Leeches Removed

If you suspect you have energy leeches attached to you, I can remove them using what is called a Neutralization and Epication Process.

During this session, I remove all leeches from your energy field, and then I fill in the holes where their tentacles were, with white light! This is very important to do! Otherwise, you can get what is called Auric Infection!

Then I go through your entire energy system and make sure that all of your meridians, your Hara Line, chakras, auric layers, and all other parts of your energy body are working in proper alignment.

I then place a type of “energy leech repellent” on your auric field, so that no more leeches can attach themselves to you. This is 100% necessary to do, otherwise, more would come back!

Leeches attract other leeches to them. So once you have one, more and more attach themselves to you! I have seen people covered in them!

You can schedule a Neutralization and Epication Process by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page and someone will contact you to schedule your session.

You can also call my office at 614-444-6334.

I hope this email was helpful to you! And I’m looking forward to helping you get rid of your leeches!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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P.S. Once they are removed, I will place a type of leech energy repellent over your aura that will prevent them from coming back for a very long time!

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