How Protector Guides Can Protect When You Travel – by Tana Hoy

Spirit Guides are among the most useful beings that you can utilize in your day-to-day life. Their constant presence and availability make them into the ideal lifelines that you can easily reach whenever you need help.

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A Spirit Guide Drawing

This applies to practically any challenge that can come up, whether it be your car keys suddenly going missing or certain projects at work that you suddenly need to do, and which just happen to be outside your area of specialization.

The variability of Spirit Guides, as well as the specific aspects of your life that they provide help in, make them very ideal to invoke when you perform your daily tasks.

What Is A Protector Guide?

A Protector Guide is a type of Spirit Guide which specializes in the protection of your well-being. They are the Spirit Guides responsible for keeping you away from harm.

Remember those random phone messages which bothered you so much that you ended up being delayed a few minutes? They could very well have been initiated by your Protector Guide, preventing you from experiencing something unfortunate had you left at the intended time.

Apart from this, Protector Guides also serve as your shield from the negative energies that run the risk of polluting your aura. They are responsible for that gut feeling that gets triggered once you approach a person or a place which carries a lot of negativity.

Many people would usually attribute this to chance. I believe this should be attributed to our Protector Guides instead.

What Benefits Would The Presence Of Protector Guides Give You In Trips?

Protector Guides are extremely beneficial to you when you are on the road. For one, since their primary purpose is to keep your safety, it would be a very good idea to invoke them during your travels.

This ensures that you will be kept from harm along the way, and that your travels will generally be a pretty pleasant one. You will probably find that you will not be feeling any nausea at all during the trip, and that your body will seem to be very comfortable, no matter how physically taxing the trip may be.

When And Where Should The Invocation Be Done?

I suggest that you invoke your Protector Guide at least half an hour before the trip actually starts. This gives you and your guide ample time to synchronize your energies with each other, which enables the two of you to communicate optimally.

Once fully synchronized, you will be able to feel every single tug, every single sign, and every single suggestion that your Protector Guide will send you. Thus, you can easily be warned of any dangers that may come to pass, and you will have ample time to adapt and avoid it.

It is suggested that you fully synchronize your energies with your Protector Guide once inside the vehicle that you will be traveling on. This gives your guide the chance to explore the surroundings, taking note of what can pose dangers during the trip.

This way, everything is accounted for and you can rest assure that the safety of your trip is not just covered by travel insurance. It is also covered by the seal of safety that only Protector Guides can give. And that, for me, is the best protection I can hope for on the road.

If you’d like to learn the names of your guides, so that you can start working with them, or hear any messages they have for you, you can schedule a Spirit Guide Reading by clicking here and filling out the form. Or you can call my office at 614-444-6334

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