How To Turn Off Your Psychic Abilities When You Need To!

Finally awakening your psychic abilities can be a really exciting phase in your life. But, if you will notice, tapping into your psychic feelings can also be very draining to both your mind and body.

Psychic abilities

Turning Off Your Psychic Abilities

This is why, as you continue to develop your psychic skills, you also need to learn to control them, and be able to turn them off when you aren’t using them. Having a figurative “volume control” for your psychic senses will allow you to function “normally” in the human world.

The Importance Of Learning To Shut Off Your Psychic Feelings

When the radio is constantly blaring in your ear at full volume you tend to get tired of it. It’s the same with your psychic abilities when you have a constant barrage of energy coming your way everywhere you turn.

Tapping into the your psychic feelings through gifts like clairvoyance (psychic vision) means that your mind is vibrating at a higher frequency level than the physical world. You then become like a very sensitive receiver (like a radio or TV) that picks up energy from the environment around you.

So, you need a “control dial” for your psychic abilities, so you can turn them up or down as the situation calls for.

Otherwise, if you are constantly in an elevated psychically sensitive state:

• Your mind is wide open to other people’s vibrations wherever you go, whether you are in the mall, the office, or the train. When your mind is wide open all the time, you’re prone to sensing all kinds of psychic energy all the time, not all of which are positive. This includes draining emotions such as anger, distress, sadness, and other emotions that other people feel.

• You’re vulnerable to “energy suckers” (also called psychic vampires) who psychically feed on other people’s energies.

• You’re likely to lose focus when it comes to your daily responsibilities such as going to work, meeting with friends, doing your chores, etc. Other people may view you as “being somewhere else.”

• You may continuously pick up signals that aren’t significant at the moment (such as “hearing” voices, (clairaudience) or picking up other people’s emotions (clairsentience)

• You may find yourself becoming more reclusive as you subconsciously try to protect yourself from the onslaught of psychic information.

Furthermore, you may feel tired and fatigued remaining in a higher vibrational frequency all the time since you are still attached to a physical body that vibrates on the human level.

How To Cleanse Yourself Of Negatvie Psychic Energy

Here’s an effective technique in for cleansing yourself of negative energy you may have picked up from other people. Do this exercise away from people so you’re spared from receiving additional energies.

• Sit in a quiet room where you can meditate without distractions.

• Now you are going to cleanse yourself from any negative energies that you might have accumulated.

• To cleanse yourself, visualize the negative energies as a dark mist that’s trapped inside your body, such as other people’s despair, anger, fear, envy, and all other negative thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

• Imagine this dark energy being under your skin, in your veins, in your muscles, in your internal organs, in your blood, and in your cells.

• Visualize a whirlwind building up on the floor around you, with you firmly grounded in the center.

• As the whirlwind twists and rises, call to the universe and ask it to take these negative energies from you, as you visualize your pores opening up and releasing all the black mist.

• See the whirlwind suck this dark energy from your body as you release it.

• Take as long as necessary to cleanse the dark mist from within you.

• Then see the whirlwind rise up through your ceiling and into the sky, until it finally dissipates into nothingness.

• You are now cleansed

Creating A Psychic Control Dial

After you’ve cleansed yourself, you can create your “psychic control knob” in the form of an energy shield.

• First, you need to surround yourself with a White Light Shiled Of Protection. It’s best to keep this activated by default so you can remain protected from negative energies wherever you go.

• Now, in your mind, imagine that this psychic shield will only allow psychic energies to pass through when you want them to.

• Then visualize a dial that you can turn down or up at will, as you raise or lower your own energy vibrations. Place this dial where you can easily access it in your mind. For example, if you tend to see visions, then you may want your knob above your third eye, or if you hear voices, then you may want it by your ear.

• Then when you tap into your psychic ability, you can turn up your dial.

• Make sure that you turn down this dial when finished doing your psychic work. You can also visualize closing your psychic eye, located between your eyebrows too.

Using a psychic dial will help you to focus more, without getting barraged from other outside information.

If you find that your psychic abilites going haywire, there may be other problems. You will want to see if your body’s main energy centers (chakras) are opened too wide, or if your energy bubble (aura) has a tear or rip where energies are leaking out of you.

To learn more about getting your chakras realigned and your aura repaired, please visit here now to schedule a healing energy session.

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  1. Linda says:

    Help, I just found out I am a pyshic and evil sprints are attacking me.

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    Thank you for this article! I just got confirmation I am an intuitive healer with many other abilities. And not fully understanding, or knowing where to turn for more knowledge, I found this page thanks to the universe. Love and light

  3. Sinead says:

    Is it possible to have this ability and other people hear all the psychic thoughts going through your head at rapid paces. I feel like I have this ability from meditation as stated above. But I used meditation for like 4 hours a day so I overloaded myself. It would just make me feel better if you could confirm or denie this I would feel better.

  4. Glenda Cunningham says:

    I have earthbound sprits attached to me they are harming me how to get them away from me and close down please help me

  5. Diane Fleming says:

    What happens when a strong earthbound spirit is controlling your buttons and trying to drive you crazy by whispering words 24/7. Im scared

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