Do Pets Have Psychic Abilities? – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Do pets have psychic abilities?

You may have heard stories of cats who, after having been separated from their owners, managed to find their human friends thousands of miles away; or of dogs knowing in advance when their owners were going to have an epileptic seizure.

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Are Pets Psychic?

In fact, there are countless anecdotes of animals doing amazing feats, such as sensing an earthquake before it happened, or detecting when their human friends are in distress. Are they using telepathy?

Pets Are Psychic

The simple truth behind these amazing acts is that animals are naturally psychic. Pets, in particular, are so in tune with their psychic senses that they can sense what’s going on in both in the physical and supernatural realms.
While humans, too, are born with innate psychic abilities, there are several reasons why animals have a much keener awareness:

• Animals do not “deny” their intuitive abilities. While humans tend to dismiss what they cannot explain, like ignoring a premonition because “it doesn’t make sense,” animals naturally listen to their instincts.
• Animals do not worry the way humans do; instead, they focus on what’s important now. For example, a person may worry about petty things like what to wear to a party, what so-and-so would say about this-and-that, or which movie to watch next week. A pet, on the other hand, pays more attention to the present moment.
• Animals are in-tune with the non-physical realm. Pets know that there’s more than what meets the eye. For instance, they can sense when their owners are in trouble, even from miles away, or when there’s an unfamiliar entity or ghost in the house.

Pets Form A Psychic Bond With Their Owners

While all animals have psychic gifts, pets connect to their human owners because they have learned to tune in to their owners’ energy frequencies. This means that your pet can sense the energy vibrations that you radiate. In fact, your pet reacts to your moods, can read your thoughts, can sense your physical condition, and even tell if you have a problem.

But more than tuning in to your energy frequency, your pet also forms a spiritual bond with you. This means that your connection with your dog, cat, bird, or other pet, goes deeper than just physical contact. Your furry, feathery, or scaly friend can sense you even when you’re miles away, and may feel agitated when you’re in trouble, or feel sad when you’re sick.

What Psychic Powers Do Pets Possess?

Animals have many psychic abilities, and you may find your pet using one or more of the following intuitive gifts:

• Telepathy. Some pets know what their owners are thinking. For example, your dog may be able to tell when you’re on your way home, so he or she waits by the door until you arrive. Or your cat may sense when you’re about to call home, so he or she waits by the phone until the it rings.
• Premonition. Some pets have a keen sense of what’s about to happen, especially if their owners are facing danger. For example, your dog may become agitated and try to prevent you from leaving the house, because it senses that an accident is about to take place.
• Empathy. Your pet may become lethargic when you’re feeling sad, and become quite jolly when you’re excited.
• Reading Auras. Some pets are naturally protective of their owners, but even if your pet is very friendly, he or she can become suddenly overprotective when sensing that you’re with a person who cannot be trusted.
• Sensing Ghosts and Spirits. Many animals are able to tell when ghosts or magical entities are present. If you find your pet staring attentively (even excitedly) at “nothing”, a friendly spirit may be talking to your pet. Or if he or she starts acting restless, howling, and barking aggressively at thin air, then an unfamiliar ghost may be present.
Communicating With Pets – More Than Words

When you communicate with your pet, you need to remember that aside from hearing your voice and watching your movements, he or she also reads your energy signals. For example, even if you say “come” in a very nice, gentle tone, if your dog or cat senses that they are about to get a scolding, they will most likely stay under the bed and refuse to come out.

How To Understand What Your Pet Is Saying

You can start better understanding what your pet is trying to communicate to you by doing the following:

• Become familiar with your pet’s natural behaviour. Is your pet playful or docile? Does he or she sleep all day? By being familiar with your pet’s personality and characteristics, you will easily be able to tell if he or she is sensing or reacting to “something” that you cannot see, hear, smell, or feel.
• Become familiar with how your pet sounds, and associate these sounds with his or her behavior. For example, how does your dog bark when you’re playing, and how does his or her bark sound when he or she sees a cat? By familiarizing yourself with the different “tones of voice” your pet makes, you will more easily know if he or she is trying to tell you something very urgent and important.
• Talk to your pet in the same way that you talk to your friends. It may feel like a one-sided conversation at first, but as you get used to talking to your pet, you will realize that they respond in a very real way. You will begin to sense the energy signals he or she radiates in response to your own energy signals. Talking to your pet also strengthens the bond between you, as well as building your ability to communicate effectively with each other.
• Follow your pet’s instincts. When your pet is agitated, do not scold them. Instead, ask your pet what’s wrong. If your pet is trying to lead you somewhere, and if so, follow them. You may not understand why at first, but there is an underlying reason why your pet is restless.

Your pet may act out in other ways, too, such as chewing on your belongings (he or she is probably bored, or needs more exercise) or making too much noise (he or she probably knows it’s time for his or her walk). It’s a matter of you trying to tune-in your pet’s energy vibrations to understand what he or she is saying!

Pets and humans have a bond that defy even distance – that’s because your human-pet connection is supernatural in nature, and when you build a real psychic bond with your pet, you will be able to enjoy their company even more, just the way they enjoys yours.

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