6 Common Myths About Psychic Abilities

Reading this post and other similar articles shows that you’re interested in your personal psychic development. Congratulations, because you’re taking important steps for discovering your psychic abilities!

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Developing Your Psychic Abilities

But if you’re like many people I’ve met, you may have misgivings because of society’s biases, or you may have doubts that you have  what it takes to be a psychic.

So, first things first…

“Am I psychic?” This is a very common question that I’d like to clarify. Everyone has the innate abilities and the potential to do psychic wonders. So yes, everyone is psychic, but not everyone has the mindset or determination to actually develop their gifts.

Many individuals simply put their psychic powers on the shelf to gather dust because of certain myths that surround such powers.

6 Common Mths About Psychic Ability

Here are 6 of the most common myths about psychic abilities:

Myth 1: Psychic gifts are only for a chosen few

As I’ve mentioned earlier, everyone is born with psychic powers. These abilities are strongest in childhood, but slowly wane because kids are often discouraged from even mentioning them! However, some kids do manage to retain their psychic powers over the years.

Most people’s psychic powers lay dormant for years, but they can reawaken them with the right training and practice, and anyone can develop them if they really want to.

Myth 2: Psychic powers are evil

Psychic senses don’t involve using your five physical senses , which is why they are often misunderstood, and because people often fear what they don’t understand, many conclude that using such powers is “unnatural” and “evil”, saying that it comes from evil forces. But psychic senses are a natural part of every human, just like the five physical senses. They are not to be feared, and certainly aren’t evil.

Myth 3: It’s scary being psychic

While it’s true that psychics, especially psychic mediums, communicate with the spirit world doesn’t mean it’s a scary experience! That’s a myth exaggerated in Hollywood! In fact, communicating with non-physical beings like angels and fairies is a tranquil experience because of the positive energies they exude.

Myth 4: All psychics see visions

You know how some people excel in different fields, such as sports, performing arts, visual arts, science, and the like? Well, it’s the same in the psychic world. Some people have very keen psychic visions (clairvoyance), while others are more inclined to hear, smell, and feel vibrations. So, no, it’s not true that all psychics see visions, because some are more adept at using their other psychic senses.

Myth 5: Psychics can spy on anyone, anytime, anywhere

Psychics don’t use their abilities to spy on people. It would be very draining to do so, since tuning in to other individuals’ energy vibrations can be taxing. Also, psychics have a life to live, too (we’re humans, after all), and psychically watching another person is also an intrusion of their privacy.

Psychics have an easier time receiving insights about you during readings because you give them access to your energy.

Myth 6: Psychics know everything

Just because psychics can sense information from the spiritual realm doesn’t mean that they know everything, such as the winning lottery numbers, because the future is not set in stone, and it can change based on people’s decisions and actions.
Major Blocks In Psychic Development

Skepticism is one of the biggest hindrances in discovering, using, and developing your psychic skills. It’s not because you don’t have the power because everyone does, but it’s because your mind is blocked by doubts.

The good news is, you don’t have to be an all-out believer to be successful in your psychic development. In fact, just an interest in developing your abilities is good enough to start with.

Steps For Developing Your Psychic Talents

If you’re serious about developing your psychic skills, then there are certain things that are necessary to do this.

• Having intention. Wanting to develop your psychic powers is a good start, but you actually need to intend to do it. This means that your desire must go deeper than just merely wishing for it to happen.

• Having motivation. You need to keep yourself motivated to continue training, even if sometimes, your progress may seem a bit slow.

• Time and energy. You need to set aside time to meditate and practice. Psychic development doesn’t happen in an instant, nor will you see much progress if you practice only when you feel like it.

• Having willingness. You need to be willing to open your mind to sense the psychic messages that come your way. This also means that you need to relax your skepticism and be open to whatever you may discover.

• Learn to be aware. Awareness is one of the most important factors that you need to develop in order to use your psychic powers. You need to be conscious of your physical, as well as spiritual surroundings. Learning how to relax your mind through meditation, which opens the way for sharper awareness.

• Discover your strongest psychic gift. As mentioned earlier, not all psychics have psychic vision. If you’re not seeing images in your mind’s eye, then you’ll need to explore your psychic hearing, or your ability to feel other people’s emotions. Once you discover your strongest psychic ability, you can focus on developing that, then move on to enhancing your other abilities.

• Overcome your fears. You need to get past your fear of making mistakes. Fear is as big a block as skepticism, but you can overcome it as you continue practicing.

Remember, psychic development is not a light switch that you just flip on for it to work. It’s a continuous process that requires your patience and determination.

It also requires you to be relaxed, so try not to pressure yourself, or force yourself to produce results. Just allow yourself to open up naturally and, with practice and commitment, your psychic abilities will bloom in no time.

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