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People often ask me what can cause a psychic reading not to always be 100% accurate. For example, if the psychic can see the future, why doesn’t everything the psychic sees always come 100% true?

Well, this is a very complicated answer. But I’m going to try to explain it as best as I can to you in this e­mail.

A Glimpse Inside My Psychic Brain

Speaking for myself, when I do a reading for a client, many different things take place inside my head. For example, I hear voices, I then start to see spirit guides and guardian angels materialize in front of me, I tune into the auric field of the person I’m talking to, I am tuning into the person’s voice vibrations, and I am also having clairvoyant visions and empathic feelings ­ all at the same time!

Whew! I didn’t realize so many things were taking place inside my head until I started typing this email!

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So with all of these processes taking place during a reading, inside my head, it is only with years of experience that I am able to interpret all of these different psychic processes taking place inside my brain.

The brain of a psychic is much more highly attuned with the vibrational energy of the universe. This is what makes a psychic, psychic.

Why A Psychic Is Not 100% accurate All The Time

So the reason I only have a 93% accuracy rate, and not 100%, is due to human error. As you can see, during a psychic reading, I have to be able to put all these different things inside my brain into words and sentences that the person I am reading for will understand. Sometimes, due to being human, I can misinterpret or confuse the information.

Sometimes, I simply misinterpret information. Being human, I do make mistakes. I try my best not to, but darn it, I haven’t become perfect yet. (smile)

About Time Frames

Often times, when it comes to time frames, it is important to remember that one year on earth, is only one day in the spirit world. So spirit guides and guardian angels can sometimes be off with time frames.

I try to give specific dates during a reading, but through experience, I have learned it’s better to give a wider time span when predicting time frames about earthly events. Because I know that spirit guides and guardian angels can be off by 3 to 4 months when predicting time frames on earth. But there are also many times, when they give me a specific date! So when that happens, I always tell the specific date to the person I’m reading for.

Your Energy Affects The Accuracy Of A Reading

The other thing that prevents a psychic reading from being accurate, is actually the energy of the client.

If a client has a skeptical attitude, it will block the energy of spirit guides and guardian angels from coming through, therefore causing the information coming through not to be as accurate. So when having a reading, it is also the responsibility of the client to come to the reading with an open attitude.

Never Record A Reading With A Psychic Who Is Also A Medium

The other thing that will affect a reading, is when a person records their reading. I have discovered, that many of my clients secretly recorded readings, without letting me know. Well, the magnetic vibrations from a tape recorder, or any kind of recording device, prevents spirit guides and guardian angels from being able to come through. So, if you record during a reading, my accuracy rate becomes about 5%.

This is why I always recommend taking notes during the reading, rather than recording.

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A Psychic Verses A Psychic Who Is Also A Medium

When you get a reading from a psychic who is not a psychic medium, then it is perfectly okay to record. Because a psychic, works with much lower energy vibrations in a psychic medium, therefore the recording does not affect the information from coming through with someone who is only a psychic!

But since I am a psychic medium and I work with Spirit guides and guardian angels, Recording a reading does have a major effect on the ability for me to receive the information clearly.

Now that you understand the complicated process involved in giving a psychic reading, you can also see why it is important to always choose a very experienced psychic.

This is why beginners are usually not very accurate, because they do not have the experience to deal with all the different energies that can often come through to them during a psychic reading. It can actually be a little overwhelming at times, so imagine if the psychic is not experienced in dealing with those energies on a frequent basis.

7 Steps To Get An Extremely Accurate Psychic Reading

I’m going to give you some tips for how to prepare for a psychic reading:

  • Take about five minutes to meditate before you’re reading to meditate.
  • If you have some incense and a candle to light, this will help to calm down the vibrations in the room, making your energy more relaxed.

­ Keep an open attitude! If you hold on to skepticism, it will affect your reading. It’s okay to be skeptical, but the key here is to keep yourself open!

Never ever try to test a psychic! This will affect the accuracy of your reading more than anything in the world. If you don’t believe in that psychic, then I suggest not having a reading with them at all!

Always give a verbal affirmation during your reading, to let the psychic know that he or she is connected to your energy. This helps the psychic to know that they are properly tuned into your energies.

If he psychic is telling you something that doesn’t seem to make sense, let him or her know. This is usually a simple case of the psychic misinterpreting information, and by letting them know you don’t understand, it will allow the psyche to be able to interpret it for you more accurately.

And finally, make sure to always use the information you receive during a psychic reading. Many times you may be told things that don’t seem to make sense at the moment, only later to find out what the psychic said was very true. Remember, a psychic is called a psychic, because he or she is supposed to see things you don’t. 🙂

I hope you have found this e­mail helpful, and if you use the above tips, you will find that your psychic readings in the future will be even more accurate and helpful for you.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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  1. Mary says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Just a note of gratitude for all the messages you pass our way! I personally appreciate them. I thought the last month predictions were spot on.
    By the way…you sent a message to all your subscribers saying something about a guy who was going to do what he said he wouldn’t. I think it may have been me. I am struggling financially right now, but plan on scheduling a reading with you in the future.


    Mary C.

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