When It Comes To Psychic Ability, How Modern Is The Thinking Of Modern Man?

Early Man Naturally Accepted The Existence Of Psychic Power

Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the cosmos to to find the
answers to the mysteries of life.           

From the earliest known records of the existence of man, archeologists
know that man has always been aware of the powers that be.

Early man accepted the existence of these powers without question. Early
man realized that every thing that could be seen, felt, or touched, was
endowed with a kind of mystical power that was involved the mysteries of

The Greatest Thinkers Of The World Believed In Psychics

Some of the greatest thinkers ever known to man lived during the Greek
and Roman times. Plato, Socrates, Pliny the Elder, and Pythagorus, just
to name a few.

The ideas and philosophies of these great thinkers are still taught and
studied today, as these men have had an undeniable impact on the world
we live in today – even though they lived hundreds of years ago!

These men also commonly sought out the help and advice from psychics,
seers, and prophets to get the answers they needed in their lives.

We Accept Their Greatness, Yet Reject Their Beliefs

Yet, in a time where we consider our culture to be more advanced than the
ages when these great men lived, some people still question and doubt
supernatural power, even though these great thinkers accepted this as a
natural part of the universe.

When I am talking about supernatural powers, I am talking about the power
of the universe that can be tapped into and used to help us have better lives.
Even psychics, prophets, and seers from centuries past understood the reality
of these powers!

How Modern is Modern Man?

While in today’s world, “modern” man has accepted the genius found in the
works and writings of these great thinkers of the past, he chooses to reject
their ideas about supernatural powers and the energy of the universe.

Which makes me ask the question “Is modern man as modern as we are
taught to believe?”

How can any intelligent person conclude that while the ideas of these men were
brilliant, ahead of their times, and even changed the world we live in, yet the
beliefs they held about psychic powers, energy, and spirituality, are not quite as
brilliant or valid?

Were Some Of The Greatest Thinkers Known To Man Deluded?

Can men this genius only be brilliant in their philosophies and understandings
about one area of life and the universe, yet deluded in all the others?

Isn’t anything that a person accepts or rejects based on their own life experiences?
Would a broad minded, intelligent person who has had psychic experiences be
more willing to accept the truth of it, than say a skeptic, or someone who believes it
is evil and of the “dark side”?

A skeptic would try to explain it away using examples his small mind could
comprehend, and a religious person who believes it is of the devil would reject it
due to his or her fear of spending an eternity in hell for believing in it!

One Authority’s Disbelief In Something Does Not Make It Invalid

A person’s ignorance, closed-mindedness, or fear, does not make something invalid!
People once feared getting on a ship because they believed the world was flat and
they would fall off of it! Yet the people who suggested the world was round were
demonized by the “scientific minds and modern thinkers” of that time.

Yet regardless of the what the “scientific and intelligent” men of that time claimed as
true, they were still wrong nonetheless.

A Question To Ask Yourself

I would like to know who is the person that God left in charge as the final decision
maker on earth when it comes to deciding whether psychic power is real or not,
even though some of the greatest thinkers in the world accepted it as a natural and
valid part of life?

So my real question is, “How “modern and intelligent” are the “great thinkers” of today
who call themselves “modern” man?

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  1. Don D says:

    This is so true. I believe there was a period in time when all knowledge was available to all mankind. Something change in humanity or the world and the universal knowledge was lost. Some individuals kept a link to the knowledge and those were great thinker and teachers and seers and psychics. We humans of today are incomplete physically and spiritually which affect our society. How do we get ourselves back on track? Spiritual revolution or revelations?

  2. Rosemary says:

    Love it! Going to share with my brother, who thinks he is the greatest thinker.

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