Which Animals Have The Strongest Psychic Abilities?

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Animals may not speak the language of humans, but I believe with deep certainty that as long as there is a need for it, the psychic bond between animals and humans will always remain.

Have you ever wished that you could talk to animals, so you could find out what they were thinking of, and what they felt about certain things and situations? As you know, all animals do have a language of their own. However, it’s just like a foreign language that you don’t understand. It’s a good thing then that some animals have psychic abilities, and their psychic powers allow them to communicate with you, and even with animals of different species.

The question is, which animals have the strongest psychic abilities?

Studying Psychic Abilities in Animals


Drs. J.B. & Louisa Rhine, Leading Parapsychologists

Drs. J.B. & Louisa Rhine, leading parapsychologists, studied psychic abilities in animals as part of their research

Joseph Banks Rhine, more popularly known as J.B. Rhine, is acknowledged as the “Father of Modern Parapsychology.”

J.B. Rhine was the one who came up with the term extra-sensory perception, or ESP.  He and his wife, Dr. Louisa E. Rhine, conducted numerous heavily documented studies and experiments under controlled conditions at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

Their research included investigating the existence of psychic abilities in animals, and the results were encouraging, to say the least.


Cats and Their Access to the Spirit World


The idea that animals have mystical powers, or at the very least, could connect with the Spirit World, is rooted in history.

A good example would be cats. Today, cats are mostly known as the darlings of the internet.
Without even looking, you can easily find an assortment of cat videos, cat images, cat memes, and cat hashtags. Cats are a strong online presence because of how cute they are.

cat in ancient Egypt

Considered godlike, cats cats were known to be able to move from this world to the Spirit World and back, with ease.

But in ancient Egypt, cats were revered. They were godlike, and they were indispensible in dream interpretation.

In ancient history, cats were known to be able to move from this world to the Spirit World with ease.

However, as far as having access to the Spirit World was concerned, it wasn’t always a great time for cats. There was also a time when cats were regarded as the familiars of witches. When their owners were persecuted and done away with, their helpless cats were also killed.

Historically, cats were considered magical, and even up to the present, many people still think of cats as especially gifted with psychic abilities. And it looks like it’s true.

If you live in an area where natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods occur, you probably have noticed how cats behave before such disasters take place. Their body assumes its flight-or-fight mode, with their ears pointing backward, and their hair standing on end, especially their tails, even when there is no enemy in sight. They will also cry and howl without clear reason.

It’s their way of warning you that something bad is about to happen.

There have even been recorded instances of cats warning their owners to check their own health needs when their owners had something wrong with them. And of course, cats are on record, like dogs, for giving hints when someone is about to die.

How could they know these things? It’s called premonition!

Dogs and Telepathy


man and his dog

The friendship between dogs and people is so close, that dogs often mirror the emotions of their human caregivers.

Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, you will have encountered a dog and its master at one point in your life. You may even own a dog as your pet.

Have you noticed how dogs typically know when their owner is close to arriving home? Have you noticed how they will pace, position themselves near the gate or main door, or even stare off into the distance as if they were psychically seeing their master on the way home?

Have you also noticed how the moods of dogs change according to the moods of their owner? If you are depressed, for example, chances are when you first encounter each other during that day, your pet will be depressed as well.

Some kind of telepathic communication seems to happen frequently and strongly between dogs and their owners.

It could also be a case of clairempathy, the ability to feel what another is feeling, without using the sense of sight, smell, or hearing. It’s an exceptional kind of empathy based on the exchange of psychic energy signals.That’s amazing!

Horses and Their Uncanny Sense of Direction


horse going home

No matter the weather, and no matter where they are, horses can usually find their way back home.

How about horses?  Humans get lost easily, and even when shown a map, we will tend to make mistakes and still get lost.

Horses, on the other hand, have an uncanny sense of direction.

Even when they are taken to distant and unfamiliar territories, if needed, they can still find their way back home.

In fact, horses share this ability with dogs and some birds, such as pigeons.

Some say that it’s the heightened sense of smell in these animals, or their keen understanding of the movements of the sun that provide them with radar-like homing abilities, but I don’t feel that’s the case.

After all, dogs, horses, and pigeons, can still find their way back home even when it’s rainy, because rain hides odors, or when it’s cloudy, and the sun is nowhere to be seen.

I believe it’s intuition, rather than physical reasons, that are helping these animals zero in on the direction they need to go.

Dolphins and Clairsentience



Smart and sociable, dolphins are the aquatic animals that have a strong psychic bond with people.

Among aquatic animals, dolphins are the ones that greatly share a bond with people.

Their affinity with humans is so strong that they seem to know when people (and even other sea-dwelling creatures) are in life-threatening situations, and will go out of their way to help.

How could dolphins know what is happening? Of course, it’s easy to say that they just recognize the danger, but how do they recognize it?

In the case of a man who was bitten by a shark, how did the dolphins know that the man needed help? How did they know what to do to help the man survive, even after being attacked by the shark?

Dolphins are dolphins, and humans are humans. Two different species entirely, and yet dolphins knew that they should help this man! More than that, why did they even care to help?

I believe it’s a clear-cut case of clairsentience, and that dolphins could sense this man’s physical, mental, and emotional conditions when he was in danger, and then responded accordingly.

The Animal with the Strongest Psychic Ability


There are numerous recorded instances of animals exhibiting psychic abilities, which make a claim of paranormal powers or supernatural abilities in animals hard to ignore.

But the question remains – which animal has the strongest psychic ability?

I feel it would depend on the invisible, but unquestionably present emotionally-charged psychic bond that exists between humans and animals. And even between animals of different species.

That is the mysterious link connecting each creature when necessary.

This emotional bond strengthens the psychic bond, thus increasing the psychic ability needed to warn of danger… to empathize… to give an alert about impending death… or to come home, no matter how far the distance.

Animals may not speak the language of humans, but I believe with deep certainty that as long as there is a need for it, the psychic bond between animals and humans will always remain.

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