Preventing A Psychic Attack – What You Need To Know – by Tana Hoy

Psychic attacks may be more common than you think, but where they come from and from whom, may surprise you.

psychic vampires

Psychic Vampires

A psychic attack is negative energy sent by a person or group of persons with the conscious or unconscious intent to cause harm to you, or your loved ones. Psychic attacks are caused by psychic vampires.

What Are Psychic Vampires?

A psychic vampire is a person who sucks the energy out of other people in order to feel better. Psychic vampires come in all shapes and sizes. They can be men, women, young, or old, a CEO, a garbage man, a construction worker, a waitress, your next-door neighbor, or even a family member.

Psychic vampires feel emotionally weak so they need to drain energy from others in order to feel strong. If you feel you’re around someone who is dragging you down and wasting your time, he or she may be a psychic vampire.

Signs Of A Psychic Attack

Here are some common things you will experience if you are being psychically attacked:

– You are suddenly having frightening nightmares
– You constantly feel tired and for no reason
– You find it difficult to concentrate on tasks you usually find easy
– You feel a sudden headache or dizziness
– You suddenly doubt your self and your decisions, even if you’re generally an optimistic person
– You suddenly feel depressed and out of sorts
– You feel you’re being watched
– Plus many more!

What You Can Do To Prevent A Psychic Attack?

The following are things you can do to help prevent a psychic attack being inflicted upon you.

1. Put a glass of water beside your bed each night. Place a teaspoon of salt in the water and say a positive affirmation: “Evil will not touch me in my sleep. Any negative energy sent to me will go to this water instead.” Then, when you wake up, throw the water down the sink.

2. Cover your entire body with a thin layer of lanolin before you go to sleep. The purpose of covering your self with lanolin is to seal your aura as it acts like a shield to protect you from any form of negative energy attack.

3. Break an egg open in a glass. Fill the glass with water and cover it with a plate. Turn the plate-covered-glass upside down, then burn a white candle on top of the plate. Once the candle is done burning, throw the contents of the glass in the toilet.

4. Hang strands of garlic over your door and windows. The next day, burn the garlic and throw out the ashes.

5. Hang stands of onion around your room. The next day, burn the onion and throw out the ashes.

6. Take comforting warm showers and baths.

My Final Thoughts About Psychic Attack

Psychic attacks can be draining, and have serious affects on you. But as you can see, it is easy to protect yourself from a psychic attack by using on the above techniques.

All you have to do is arm yourself with the knowledge you need, and you can protect yourself against psychic vampires.

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