Understanding the Psychic Causes of Physical Pain

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There is often a non-physical, non-emotional reason behind the physical pain you experience.

Do you have chronic pain? On the other hand, even if the pain that you experience isn’t chronic, is your physical pain so bad at times that it can make you feel as if you’re losing your mind?

Have you consulted doctors, but still haven’t found the reason behind that nagging, awful pain that you carry around with you?If so, then you may be dealing with a psychic reason behind your physical pain. And if that’s the case, then you need psychic therapy for pain relief.

Three Possible Causes of Physical Pain


I believe that there are three possible reasons behind physical pain, and these are:

  1. Physical Causes
  2. Emotional and/or Psychological Causes
  3. Psychic Causes

Why do I believe this? It’s because during a psychic reading I often sense that there’s a non-physical, non-emotional reason behind the physical pain that some of my clients repeatedly complain about. That reason is psychic in nature, meaning it has to do with what has been happening, and is happening, in the Spirit World.

When I get a strong feeling like this, I recommend that my client get psychic therapy, because it’s the best way to get rid of the physical pain caused by a psychic reason.

Here are examples of what I mean.

Physical Pain May Have Physical Causes

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Some instances of pain are due to physical causes.
[image credit: Steven Depolo via Flickr]

If a lit cigarette touches your skin, then you will surely feel a burning sensation. The pain results from the contact of the lit cigarette on your skin. That’s a clear-cut example of a physical pain resulting from a physical reason.

Yet, although many believe it to be so, it’s not true that only physical or material reasons cause physical pain all the time.

Sometimes, Physical Pain May Have Emotional Causes


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Emotional stress can result in physical pain.

But what about the headache that you experience when someone you find extremely annoying talks to you on and on and on? And what about that tight, painful feeling at the pit of your stomach when you receive bad news? It can feel about as bad as getting your stomach punched.

Emotional factors are clearly behind such pains. Those factors govern your reaction to certain people or situations, and the emotions behind them can be so strong, that they cause similarly strong physical reactions, which can be painful.

Sometimes, Physical Pain May Also Have Psychic Causes

tanahoy.com energy blocks

Energy blocks can cause psychic pain that can manifest itself as physical pain or emotional pain.


And then, there’s the matter of energy blocks. When your energy is blocked by a psychic reason, there’s going to be problems. You will experience those problems in the form of physical and/or emotional pain.

Energy blocks are just one example of psychic causes of physical pain. Other psychic causes exist, and you need to understand them too.

Psychic causes are the most difficult to deal with, as far as pain management is concerned, because you cannot address your pain simply by taking medicine, getting physical therapy, or even psychological guidance.

What you need is to see a psychic therapist.

During psychic therapy, the psychic reasons behind your physical pain are determined and you receive options to enable you to manage, and even solve, your issues that led to your physical pain.

4 Most Common Psychic Causes of Physical Pain


Here are the most common psychic causes of your physical pain:

  1. Your chakras are out of balance
  2. You have unresolved Karma
  3. You have harmful entities from the Spirit World around you
  4. You are being attacked by a psychic vampire

What do these psychic causes mean, and how do they happen?

Dealing With Out of Balance Chakras


Your body has 7 centers of energy. These are known as your chakras. Your chakras, as  energy centers, needs to have energy flowing freely though them.

When any of your chakras are blocked, an energy imbalance occurs. You may have too much or too little energy flowing through your chakra centers, and that can result in physical pain.

For example, if your 1st orRoot Chakra is blocked, then this can result in any of the following physical problems or ailments.

  • Chronic fatigue – a heavy feeling that makes you feel lethargic, or very exhausted, to the point that you hardly want to move. This exhaustion occurs without any physical reason that can be diagnosed.
  • Recurring weight issues – you may be doing your best to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, with the right diet and proper exercise, and yet you continue to find your weight unmanageable.
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Painful constipation, diarrhea, or other digestive problems
  • Lower back pain
  • Those are the most usual complaints that I hear from my clients about physical pain or ailments, with no clear physical cause.

So, psychic therapy, in the form of energy balancing,it when needs to be done, is what I recommend to my clients.

For more information about chakras, please refer to an earlier article here in my blog: What Are The Seven Chakras?

Dealing With Unresolved Karma


tanahoy.com unresolved Karma

Unresolved Karma can result in Karmic debt, which can become a psychic cause of your physical pain.

There’s a saying that goes “What goes around, comes around.” What it simply means is that you reap the results of your actions.

Karma involves not just your present life, but also the lives that you have lived before.

Unresolved Karma has to do with Karmic debt.

Karmic debt happens when a negative issue from a past life was never resolved.

For example, if in a past life, if you were abusive towards yourself or neglectful about your health, then, in this life, you will have a tendency to keep on experiencing strong physical pain that forces you to take care of yourself.

This is because Karma is about balance. So before you reincarnated, your soul chose a life script to follow, or live through.

Your script could prominently factor in a need to balance your Karma. If you are not able to do this on your own, then you will need psychic therapy to do this.

Dealing With Harmful Entities from the Spirit World


Not all entities from the Spirit World are benign or helpful.

Some are downright hostile and wish to do you harm.

These harmful entities are those that exist on the lower astral planes. They feed on the negative psychic energy that you release.

If your psychic energy is mostly one of fear, doubt, insecurity, or other negative emotions such as extreme jealousy, or a desire to control others, then you will attract these harmful entities.

These entities will want to feed on you, and suck your prana or life force out of you.

This feeding can result in you becoming weak, prone to physical pain caused by infections (ex: persistent coughs, colds, and fever – all without a clear physical cause). You could also experience migraines or other weaknesses as your energy is slowly being consumed by these harmful entities.

But the good news is that you don’t have to wait until your life force is sucked dry by these entities.

Undergoing psychic therapy can clear out your negative psychic energy.


Dealing With a Psychic Vampire


Sometimes, the psychic cause of your physical pain is a psychic vampire.

Psychic vampires can deplete both your physical and mental energy, leaving you weak, confused, saddled by headaches, pain in your eyes, shaky limbs, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, forgetfulness, and at times, even massive personality changes.

Like the harmful entities from the Spirit World, a psychic vampire also feeds on your energy.

However, in this case, the psychic vampire is not a dweller in the lower astral planes. Neither is the psychic vampire eager to feed on your negative psychic energy.

Rather, a psychic vampire may take on the guise of another average person, and what it wants to get from you is your positive, life-affirming psychic energy.

When a psychic vampire latches on to you, then you’ll have physical pain to contend with, as your positive psychic energy is being drained.

A good psychic therapist can easily identify whether or not your physical pain is the result of an attack done by a psychic vampire.

Your psychic therapist can also advise you on how to stop being preyed on by psychic vampires.

If you have been experiencing physical pain that has no traceable physical reasons, the likelihood is high that there are psychic causes behind your pain.

You can get rid of such kind of pains by getting a psychic reading now.

Did any of the situations described above resonate with you? Did they seem familiar? Have you gone through any of them? Let me know in the comments below!


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