Psychic Energy Report For Today – 6-15-13

Psychic energy is part of the universe that we live in. It affects everything, including our interactions with others, and the way we feel on a daily basis. Here is what to expect due to the psychic energy today.

Psychic energy report

Psychic Energy

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 6-15-13

Today is a day when psychic energy is high! You might notice that people around you seem a bit high strung, or on edge. This is due to the high energy of the planet being radiated around the world, and most people do not have the ability to process this energy correctly. Therefore, it will manifest as being high strung. If you feel high strung today today, take deep breaths often, and this will help assimilate the energy evenly throughout your body, helping you to feel more calm.

The keyword today is to relax. Make sure to involve yourself in relaxing activities to balance out the extra energy you might feel today.

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  1. janice says:

    it is and its very erratic too .There are times like these I personally speaking have to be careful in trying weed out negative and positive people.

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