Psychic Energy Report For Today – 7-6-13

Psychic energy moves in waves. The energy of the planet can be high, or it can be low, both of which will affect your moods and the moons of others around you.

When psychic energy is high people’s moods are uplifted and in good spirits. When psychic energy is low, people’s moods are down, and therefore, they aren’t feeling quite as joyful.

This energy changes on a daily basis, so that’s the reason for these energy reports, to keep you updated on what to expect!

psychic energy

Psychic Energy Report

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 7-6-13:

Today the psychic energy of the universe is going to be low! Expect people that are normally cheery to be a little down in their mood today. This is due to the low psychic energy that is surrounding the universe today. Expect to see depressing news on the television, and expect for your moods to be just a little more down than usual today.

After today, the energy is going to start to rise and everything will swing on a more positive note. Take a deep breath, and just remember that today will end very soon. Don’t let yourself get too discouraged!

That’s my psychic energy report for today. Make sure to keep checking back to my blog to see my updated psychic energy reports that I post a throughout the week. I hope this was helpful for you.

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