How Negative Psychic Energy Can Affect A Business – by Tana Hoy

I had this client a few months ago, who came to me with a very unique problem. They own an online shop, which has already garnered a pretty good following.

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Since they were beginning to make a good profit, they decided to expand their business, by opening a physical shop – right in the middle of the city’s business district.

They figured that since their online business was already pretty well known, their physical shop would surely do great as well.

From the first month, the complete opposite happened. Very few people came to their physical shop, and soon, their income from their online shop was already being used to cover the losses of their physical store. This lack of success of their physical store situation just didn’t seem to make any sense.

So, I decided to pay their physical shop a visit; and what I found there was very interesting.

The psychic energy in their shop was horrible! The energy flow was so constricted that it was no surprise that negative psychic influences were happening in their business.

Apart from that, negative spirits were all over the place. It was no wonder people were not coming into their shop!

Business And Energy Flows

Businesses are just like your houses. If the energy flow in a business establishment isn’t good, then customers will not be enticed to enter it. If you have been to a shop or restaurant where you felt like you were being pushed out, then you have experienced this psychic phenomenon firsthand.

Businesses need good energy flow to make them thrive. This requires them to structure their shop in a certain way to optimize the flow of nature’s energy, resulting in great energy manipulation, which is very conducive to good business.

How Psychic Portals And Negative Spirits Can Affect Your Business

In a previous post, I discussed the concept of Psychic Portals in your house. As you may remember, Psychic Portals are the elevators used by the spirit world to enter into the physical world.

This psychic phenomenon affects your business greatly, especially if a negative spirit decides to use a Psychic Portal in order to stay in your business’s location.

Remember that spirits love staying in places that are uninhabited during the night. If your business opens at 9am and closes at 8pm, for example, you are practically leasing your business to the spirit world for the entire night!

This is fine if positive spirits decide to stay in your business, but if it’s the negative ones that decide to stay, then that may cause a problem.

What You Can Do If Your Business Is Suffering From Bad Energy Flow

If you suspect that your business is suffering due to really bad energy flow, then I suggest that you consult with a psychic who knows how to manipulate energy, and is gifted in dealing with the spirit world.

The signs of a business suffering from bad energy flow are very prominent, so it is quite easy to tell. If very few people come to the shop, no matter what marketing strategy you use, then it’s time to start looking at psychic options.

As for the client I mentioned above, I decided to do a complete psychic cleansing of their business, before moving on to search for the psychic portals.

I found quite a lot of Psychic Poertals, which I fixed by installing psychic filters on them, to prevent any negative spirits from passing through. Finally, I asked the negative spiritual beings to leave the business and to return back through the portals where they came from.

It took quite a while, but I must say the results were worth it! Immediately after the cleansing, they started noticing a steady rise in their income. After a couple of months, they were able to cover their losses, and soon, they were earning a very good profit from the physical shop.

It all turned around – just like magic!

In fact, I just received a package from them, as a “thank you” for their very successful Thanksgiving Sale this year. This just goes to show the affects a negative spirit can have on a business if left untreated.


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  1. Yen Kie says:

    This is a very interesting article, Tana.
    We do believe in cleansing the business place and/ or houses in Asia.
    I remember doing a cleansing ceremony shortly after we moved house when I was little. We believe there’s a spirit occupying every house/ place, and some spirits can help the human inhabitants with success and prosperity in their careers.
    So we do the cleansing ceremony annually. It’s lavish and full of local, exotic foods and lots of sage to burn. After that we’d bathe in flower water with petals inside. It’s to give us positive energy and protect us too.
    That’s just for the houses.
    For business, we always cleanse before opening for the very first time. And annually after that.
    We’d keep altars of the gods that we pray for to help protect the business and invite the right people in.
    If there are nasty customers, we actually get rid of them ASAP and throw some sea salt around the area the bad customers touch earlier and the entrance too while saying prayers for them to never come back.
    We rely heavily on lunar calendar. So our ceremony dates, moving house dates, etc. all depend on the lunar calendar right down to the hours and match it with our Chinese zodiac to get the most auspicious time.

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