How To Use Psychic Energy To Grow Healthy Plants – by Tana Hoy

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood involves me running around in my aunt’s garden, playing with my invisible friends. I loved her place because it was so close to nature and, though I didn’t fully comprehend it then, it was filled with great psychic energy.

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Using Psychic Energy For Healthier Plants

Her plants were always so beautiful, and though she told me she never used any artificial fertilizers, the quality of her plants was great. Even long after I’d gone home, I could still feel the effects of being energized by her plants’ energy.

I love nature, and I love taking care of plants. In fact, I’ve spent quite some time trying to find a way to replicate what she was able to accomplish in her humble little garden. Recently, I believe I may have decoded her secret.

Plants And Their Energy

Plants are living things, and as such, they have energy flowing within their roots, stems, leaves and flowers. The energy flow of plants is similar to the energy flow in humans and animals. With the only difference being the fact that the energy flow of plants is quite linear, as opposed to the multi-directional energy flow of energy found in animals and people.

So I started to wonder that If a plants’ energy flows in a way that can be understood, then can people manipulate it, or possibly, even enhance it?

Can People Affect The Energy Of Plants?

As it turns out, people have been manipulating the energy of plants for quite some time now. The shamans of old practiced this in their ancient art of plant spirit shamanism.

What is shamanism, you may ask? In a nutshell, shamanism is a form of healing, where the healer tunes his or her energy into the person or being that he or she is healing.

There are many forms of shamanism, and each of them are very effective. That was why shamans of ancient civilizations played a very important role during harvest time.

How You Can Make Your Plants Healthier

Making plants healthier is simply a matter of energizing the plants’ energy body to enable it to achieve optimum growth. In theory, this is a lot similar to what scientists have been trying to do when they came up with artificial fertilizers to form genetically modified vegetables and fruits.

The only difference lies in the fact that energizing the plants’ energy body is completely natural, and therefore risk-free.

So whenever you are planting seeds in your garden, or after you’ve purchased that beautiful flower from the market, make sure that you energize it once you get home.

You can do this by moving your palm around it in a clockwise motion for about 2-3 minutes every day. Doing this improves the circulation of energy in the plant, making it grow faster, and whole lot healthier.


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  1. Avery says:

    I love plants and animals. If moving palm clockwise improves a plant I’d have to believe it would also help a person who needs healing. Thanks Tana

  2. Candy says:

    I absolutely love this! Every time I go to the store the past several times I have been wanting to buy a plant I promise next time I go I’m going to buy one LOL ???☘️????????

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