Psychic Energy – Report For 4-9-13

Psychic energy surrounds the entire planet and the universe. Psychic energy is also radiated by the planets, and this energy affects our planet, and the entire universe. As the planets are in continual movement, this energy changes on a daily basis!

psychic energy report

Here is todays Psychic Energy Report:

This week you will find yourself feeling the inner calling to seek out guidance and answers. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling out of alignment with the Universe, as things seem to be going in the opposite direction than you planned. This energy time is the best time to have a psychic reading to help you figure things out. Expect relationships, and other personal relationships to be difficult at this time. Money issues may also arise!

Psychic energy determines the experiences we have in our lives on daily basis, so being aware of this energy can be helpful for planning your life.

6 Responses

  1. Cynthia Reed says:

    Tana, how do I contact you to schedule a reading?

  2. Tana Hoy says:

    You can click on the “schedule a reading” tab above, and enter your info, and my assistant will call you, or you call my office at 614-444-6334.

    Looking forward to talking to you soon!


  3. Linetta Rolands says:

    Thank you Tana. I just called your office. I need a reading very badly!! Looking forward to talking with you soon!

  4. Paul Ritcherson says:

    Thanks for the post Tana. You are 100% right on. I have been experiencing these things all week!

  5. Alisa L. says:

    Tana, I just called your office too! I also need a reading!!

  6. Linda R. says:

    Thanks Tana. I need to talk to you very soon! Great Energy Report! I always enjoy them!

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