Psychic Energy Report For 8-17-13 (Zombie Apocalypse)

The psychic energy today is going to create what I call a zombie apocalypse! The reason is because you are going to feel like you are being approached by the zombies of the world! Read on to see what I am talking about!

Psychic energy

Psychic Energy

 Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be a bit unusual! It is a kind of zombie like energy that will hit the planet!

Be careful, you may find that some different types people will try to talk to you and then try to hit on you. Expect to feel like a love magnet for lost souls! People stoned out of their mind, people randomly wandering the street, lost souls, and even some scary types!

It is best to ignore anyone on the street who tries to talk to you today! Especially if you are walking alone!

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