Psychic Energy Report For 1-18-14 (Nerves On Edge) – by Tana Hoy

The psychic energy today is going to be an interesting mix. Read on to find out what to expect…

Psychic energy

Psychic Energy

 Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today is going to be a mixture of loving and impatient energy! You should expect people to act loving, yet impatient at the same time.

For example, you may meet people who seem kind at first, but then as a few moments go by, their loving disposition will change into one of impatience and irritability!

Tread lightly today, because people’s nerves are going to be on edge!

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  1. KiaSangria says:

    I ended a relationship today, told the guy ‘it’s over’. He made every excuse why it shouldn’t be over (of course). He does seem irritable as we went back and forth about it.

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