Psychic Energy Report For Today – 5-18-13

Psychic energy affects the entire planet. This psychic energy is radiated downwards from the Universe as a result of the ever changing alignments and patterns of the planets, stars, and galaxies. in the Universe.

Even slight changes cause huge affects on our planet! So here is todays Psychic Energy Report.

psychic energy

Psychic Energy Report

Here is todays Psychic Energy Report

Today is going to be a day full of surprises! Expect unpredictable behavior from others today, especially in stores, restaurant, and on the highway. I wouldn’t be surprised if some kind of unexpected violence was in the news today, due to the erratic patterns of this energy.

Just make sure to be alert, on guard, and cautious around strangers – especially those acting weird.

Psychic energy affects the entire planet, so being aware of it on a daily basis, will help you to become more aware of the affects it can have on your daily life.

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  1. B says:

    Hey Tana,

    Do you think its possible to meet your twin flame and soulmate (not at the same time period) but in the same incarnation?

  2. B says:

    Hey Tana,

    I’m also curious to know your definition of masculine and feminine. Like what are the differences/similiarites or importance? And if this even exists in other realms? (male, female, masculine, feminine energy). No one really talks about this, so I’m very curious to know your take on it.

    Thank you & Have a nice day!

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