Psychic Energy Report For Today – 10-5-13

Psychic energy affects everyone and everything. Radiated downwards to the earth from the planetary elements, this energy has an affect on your everyday life! Learn how this energy will affect you today.

Psychic energy

Psychic Energy

 Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

The psychic energy today will be strong and powerful. This is a good manifestation day. This means that today is a good day to think of the things you desire the most, because the energy today will help you to achieve it.

Set your desires into motion by using your thoughts, and the amplified energy today will help to manifest your thoughts into reality! This is one of the most powerful energy days for all of 2013

2 Responses

  1. Preen says:

    Dear Tana Hoy,

    Hope you are well, today is Durga Navratri, same as Saint Virgin Mary representing the feminine forces. Normally this festival is one of the most important in Hinduism, anyone can celebrate it.

    I hope my prayers are heard.


  2. Joseph says:

    Seemed better when I woke up today and worked on my blog too. Today seems like a nice day to get things done and out of the way.

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