Can Psychic Energy Be Manipulated? psychic energy manipulation

Psychic energy can help shape your future. It can materialize your intent. It can bring out and power your psychic abilities, to help you sense things beyond ordinary means.

The psychic energy reports that I publish on my blog are highly popular with my readers. I receive lot of feedback on those reports, ranging from validations of the kind of energy forecast, to questions as to how psychic energy can be manipulated, or if psychic energy manipulation is even possible.

The answer to those two questions is a resounding “Yes! It can! The manipulation of psychic energy is within your reach!”

Read on to find why you can do it, and how you can do it on your own.


Psychic Energy is Not Static


Psychic energy is one of the most important and powerful influencers in your life. It is a strong force from the Universe: the Source of all creation. It is transmitted and made available in everything – from people, places, and periods, to everything in the astral plane.

Psychic energy is not static. Although a certain quality of psychic energy may be present in any given setting, circumstance, or person, this doesn’t mean that such energy quality is permanent or unchanging.

You may have noticed how sometimes, in the psychic energy reports here in my blog, guidelines or tips may be present, so that certain negative effectsof the current psychic energy can become avoidable.

For example, if the current psychic energy happens to be “supportive of being irate,” then after the energy and its effects have been described, ways to deal with it are given, such as wearing pastel colors to have a calmer mood throughout the day.

That’s one of the ways showing how psychic energy manipulation can happen.


Why Psychic Energy can be Manipulated


If you do not believe you can make something happen, you are bound to face failure.

The main reason psychic energy manipulation is possible lies in its nature.

Psychic energy is not made of solid matter that exists with dimensions of height, length, and width. Psychic energy is invisible, but present, like air. It is real! You can feel it! You just can’t see it.

Since psychic energy has no solid form, it is possible to manipulate it through mind control or by doing certain actions that can moderate its effect, such as I described above.

Compare this with wanting to shape a log into a chair. To be able to do so, you would need tools, such as a hammer or a saw. You’d also need additional materials such as nails or glue. In addition, you would need some form of knowledge, or have an idea about making a wooden chair.

With psychic energy, no special tools or materials are needed.

Psychic energy can be changed or manipulated using your mind alone.

Your mind directs the actions you will take, such as wearing pastel colors to offset an irate vibration around you.

Related to this, your mind also has the power to change the outcome of events.

For example, you can develop your psychic abilities to such a degree that you are able to manifest what you desire.

You can also manipulate psychic energy to be able to sense beyond what your ordinary senses provide. This is known as extra-sensory perception, or ESP.

This is not say however, that being able to manipulate psychic energy comes to you without any effort on your part.

Instead, your full intention needs to be clear to you.

You also need to be secure in the knowledge “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” as the famed American impresario and author, Napoleon Hill, put it.

Strong belief has to be present.

If you do not believe you can make something happen, then you are bound to face failure.

On the contrary, if you firmly believe you can turn a wish into reality, then you are on your way to experiencing success.

This is faith in action, and it’s something much written about, even in the major religions of the world.

More Details on How to Manipulate Psychic Energy power of the mind

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Before continuing with the instructions on how you can manipulate psychic energy, let me make something crystal clear first.

From the very start of any psychic energy manipulation you plan to do, there is always a need to remember the importance of intent.

Do no harm is a good thing to remember. In your pursuit of attaining something through psychic energy, keep in mind that your goal should not be harmful to you or to anyone else.

This is the overriding guideline above all others on this topic.

In short, any form of selfishness, which is harmful to others, is not likely to make your goal happen. No matter how much psychic energy you harness and send out for your purpose.

Selfishness is negative. Therefore, manipulating psychic energy for selfish ends, such as making other people envious of you, for example, is not something to go for.

With that matter out of the way, here are more steps with details on how to manipulate psychic energy.


Focus on Success and Succeeding


Your mind can hold bothersome sources of distraction.

When so many thoughts pass through your head, conflicting ideas and beliefs are likely to arise in your thoughts. One of the ways you can start taming your mind is by practicing meditation.

Once you become used to focusing your mind, you need to focus on the concepts of success and of succeeding. Believe that you and your good intentions are meant to happen, to materialize, or become real.

Leave no room for doubt in your mind.

At first, you will find this hard to do because of several factors in your life, such as social conditioning, which include your upbringing and experiences.

Still, if you want to succeed, you have to accept the fact that perseverance, or being determined to achieve a goal, is a proven way of succeeding.

When your mind is able to focus to such a concentrated and high degree, then you will be able to change your reality through psychic energy manipulation.


Make a Habit of Your Efforts to Control Psychic Energy


With practice comes success.

To make a habit of your efforts, create a timetable, and do your best to stick to it daily.

For example, if you needed to exercise your thighs and arms, it’s easier to do so if you make going to the gym a regular thing. If you only exercise on a whim, then you’re more likely to be stuck with flabby arms and thighs.


Keep on Striving for Higher and Better Goals


If you truly want to make psychic energy manipulation work for you, you need to keep striving to better yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you must struggle to attain perfection, as no human being is perfect.

However, you should not be content with low-grade results. The minute you say something is “okay, because it’s passable” is the moment you surrender yourself to embracing mediocrity.

Once you have reached a goal, whatever it may be, continue to strive for higher and better goals.

In doing so, your efforts to control psychic energy will not fade away into just another unfulfilled whim or idea.

Remember the influence of psychic energy. It can help shape your future. It can materialize your intent. It can bring out and power your psychic abilities, to help you sense things beyond ordinary means.

With all those benefits, it makes sense to know and practice the manipulation of psychic energy from this point forward.

Believe you can create the life you want. Let me show you how to do so during a psychic reading. You can fill out this form to start.


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  1. Candy says:

    Thank you always, Tana!
    You are precious to me 🙂
    I’ve been focusing on wanting to help others with prayer or healing with prayer. I just wish someone could coach me and be the best mentor ever.
    I find it hard to do it all myself? ????
    I still feel restless.
    Much love- ?¢αи∂у
    ℓσνє αи∂ ℓιgнт
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    υρ тнє ѕтαιяѕ ωιтн нιgнєя αѕ¢єи∂є∂ ¢αяєѕ

  2. Sam B says:

    I’ve been wondering where this ability to manipulate our realities actually originates from. If we are able to use psychic energy, where does it actually come from? Does it originate from our direct or higher consciousness or are we a conduit of the psychic or astral plains?

    In the IC forum I came up with a theory on the three aspects if creation. “The Trinity Principal.” I believe what Tana has said here is related to this in regards to need the tools and the knowledge to influence psychic energy. But what a actually causes the influence?

    In the Trinity Principal forum, I said our higher consciousness is our divine aspect (divine being one of the three aspects of creation; divine astral and elemental). As I said, if psychic energy falls under the astral plain and our consciousness is our divine manifestation, assumably our divine consciousness controls the astral plain.

    But here’s the question: What is the source of psychic energy? Our consciousness or the astral plain? We can control and manipulate it but are we the source of it or are we just conduits for it to pass through?

    If our psychic abilities are referred to as “gifts” then by definition they are “given” to us. But where did they actually come from? The psychic or astral plain or our higher consciousness (or both)?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Psychic energy is a natural part of the universe – the same as the air we breath. It comes from the Higher Dimensions, Parallel Dimensions, and it is and always has been a part of the natural energy of the universe. Thank you for such a deep, and thought filled question!

  3. Jeramiah says:

    Hey, I’m curious,ever since I was young I’ve been able to give or take emotional energy, most of the time without knowing, but I can drain energy, like an energy vampire, but also give it but it drains my own, so I have to take it from objects, when I’m in cities it overwhelms me with energy to the point where I have to give it to others, and I get mentally tired, what do I do and what is it or what am I,

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