How Psychic Energy Makes a Psychic Reading Possible

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Psychic energy is non-measurable. The characteristics of psychic energy are more about the qualitative aspect.

The scientific field defines energy in terms of precisely measurable quantities, or units of energy. For example, some of the more common measures are the joule, the calorie, horsepower per hour, and kilowatt-hour, among many others.  Psychic energy, on the other hand, is non-measurable.

Psychic energy does not come in units. In short, there is no device yet, which can effectively quantify psychic energy.

The characteristics of psychic energy are more about the qualitative aspect.

In fact, here in my blog, I regularly publish psychic energy reports, which describe the quality or nature of the psychic energy prevalent on some days.

Still, some of my readers have asked me what psychic energy truly is. I’ve also been asked about the role psychic energy plays whenever I give an accurate psychic reading.

So, here are the answers. After you’re done reading this article, it is my hope that you will have gained a good understanding about psychic energy, and how it makes a psychic reading possible.


The Flow of Psychic Energy during a Psychic Reading getting accurate psychic readings

A clear path for the psychic energy to flow through is essential to receive an accurate psychic reading.

The presence of psychic energy is an important aspect of an accurate psychic reading, In fact, a successful reading will be difficult to accomplish if psychic energy was absent, weakened, or even blocked, due to some constraints or limitations.

Remember, the psychic reader does not “read” your mind per se during a psychic reading. Instead, the psychic reads – studies and interprets – the psychic energy that he or she observes radiating from you during the reading.


Reading an Aura


An aura reading is one of the ways by which a psychic can give a psychic reading. The reader uses his or her psychic abilities to see your aura and its colors. Each color of the aura has a meaning. You can read more about that in this article. human aura

Psychic energy is present in your aura. The colors of the aura are bioelectrical-magnetic fields showing the state of your emotions, your attitudes, the problems, or concerns that you carry, or that motivate you in life.

Psychic energy is present in your aura. In fact, it is an integral part of your aura. The colors of the aura are actually bioelectrical-magnetic fields that show the state of your emotions, your attitudes, the problems, or concerns that you carry, or that motivate you in life.

Your body produces those bioelectrical-magnetic fields, and they are a form of energy, too.

It is this energy which a psychic reads during your aura reading.

What about when you are not physically with the psychic in a single room?


Psychic Readings by Phone


Just because you may happen to be separated by distance from your psychic reader, it doesn’t mean that your psychic can no longer read your energy.

A psychic medium like me, who is conducting the reading through a phone call, can see visions related to you and explain to you what those visions mean.

Remember, a psychic does not have to rely on the five senses usually used by most people to understand what is going on around them.

A reader can have one or more psychic abilities, which are useful for giving a psychic reading. I discussed some of these psychic abilities in another article, and I’m including an excerpt below, for your easy reference:

A psychic medium often uses clairvoyance, or the ability to see visions, in order to give an accurate psychic reading.

 Clairvoyance is only one of the psychic powers bestowed by the Universe to Man.

Other popular psychic abilities are:

Clairaudience – the ability to hear “spirit whispers” or invisible voices

Clairsentience- the ability to feel the presence of a spirit being

Claircognizance – the ability to recognize truth, in its deeper sense or meaning

You’ll notice that these psychic abilities can be even be used to read a person who is in a remote location.

The psychic reader, or a psychic medium like me, who is conducting the reading through a phone call, can see visions related to you and explain to you what those visions mean.

Beings from the Spirit World can also tell the psychic reader information that the reader will relay to the person who is having the reading done.

In addition, the ability of claisentience also lets a psychic reader feel the emotions, concerns, and moods of the person being read. This ability is also known as empathy.

All the psychic abilities mentioned are powered by psychic energy from the Spirit World.


Psychic Energy Vibrating at High Frequencies


Some people harbor doubts, or are hesitant to get a psychic reading, because they think that a psychic reader is only basing his impressions on the body language of the person being read, or on the person’s facial expressions.

After all, in a face-to-face setting, it’s not that easy for the person being read to control his or her reactions or body movements.

However, during a phone psychic reading, there is no opportunity for the reader to physically see or observe the facial expressions or body movements of the person being read.

Therefore, it is only through reading the psychic energy of the person, that a phone psychic could possibly answer the questions and concerns of the person being read.

As mentioned earlier, a psychic can have abilities that make a reading possible even when done remotely.


A Reading of the Akashic Records


Sometimes, a psychic may read what is in your Akashic Records to understand your past lives, to have a clear idea of what is going on in your present, and to reveal what is in store for you in the future.

A good psychic will not need to be physically with you to give you an accurate psychic reading. In fact, simply by reading your Akashic Records, using his or her psychic abilities, powered by psychic energy, the psychic can discuss with you your life plan or soul script with great clarity.

In my article titled Akashic Records: What They Say About You, I provided the following information about how having an Akashic Records reading can improve your life:

 Your Akashic Records are ethereal records that exist in the higher realms, and they contain very detailed information about anything you need to know about. They contain every one of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this life, and all of your past lives!

This includes your love life, who is your true soul mate, where and when you will meet, and even your current relationship and how to improve it, or make it better.

These records also tell you your life purpose, why you were born, what lessons you are supposed to learn here, and any special talents or skills you possess. Sometimes they reveal hidden talents and skills that you may not have known you even had!

They have recorded in them what your future holds, and they also tell me what you can do to change any outcome your future!

 They also contain information about the ways you can make more money, the best career choice for you, and even information about your health. In other words, they contain every possible piece of information about anything you need to know!

Through the use and help of psychic energy during a psychic reading, it becomes possible for a psychic to provide relevant details about you in your Akashic Records.

These are some of the ways that psychic energy makes a psychic reading possible. If you want to experience how psychic energy powers up a psychic reading, fill out this form to schedule your reading.


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