Psychic Energy Report For 4-4-13

Today you can expect to see high energy with low energy under currents. What this means is that the energy today is going to cause you to feel a bit nervous, with feelings of anxiety! Around 7 PM PST, this energy will subside, and you should start noticing yourself feeling more relaxed!psychic energy report

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  1. brittany says:


    I really found your entry about dreams interesting. I always wondered where are these psychics actually getting this info…is there a universal book? Or must we know the language of spirit?

    I just woke up from a very scary dream and im quite shaken. I havent been that scared in a while. And as soon as the nightmare was getting worse…i woke up, thank god!

    If you could dive in and give us more info on interpreting our own dreams again, that would be helpful. I hope mine was a nightmare from its thoughts. There is one person now..that i will NEVER see the same in reality. That is how scared i was of them and ive never felt tht way towards them before until now. But in the dream…it was very real. Does it matter all the time who plays who in our dream? In other words, a there sigbificance?

    Id be interested in learning more about dreams tana!

    I love and await all your lovely posts! Soon, you will be hearing from me.
    I will be setting an appointement hopefully this month…its a goal!

    Love ya!

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