Today’s Psychic Energy Report for 08-28-21

The psychic energy today is going to be about being caring as a parent…

Here Is Today’s Psychic Energy Report:

psychic energy report

Today this psychic energy will encourage you to be more caring as a parent. Due to the prevailing energy, it is a good idea to nurture your relationship and have open communication with your children.

Children with caring parents tend to grow up empathetic and loving towards other people and develop social skills from an early age. As a parent, start caring more about their personal lives by asking things like, how their day is going, and spending more time with them. Build some one-on-one time and be a good role model for them.

When children are loved, they also love others. Start teaching them at an early age.


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  1. Resha says:

    Hi, my daughter is now 13 years old and throughout her life she has been able to see apparitions and hear voices. She even saw her great grandmother and only saw her as young but never knew her or saw her young. She is struggling because she now hears and see spirits a lot. She does not like taking showers because she hears voices as multiple whispers while in there. I don’t know where to turn for help. She wants me to find help but I haven’t a clue of where to start. I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.

    From a worried mom

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