Psychic Healing: How To Lose Weight Using Energized Food – by Tana Hoy

One of the biggest things plaguing people today, is the issue of losing weight. With the way our food is

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Energy Healing Your Food

prepared, and with the way that these foods are grown and processed, it is very easy to gain weight.

This is exactly what happened to most people in America. Before everyone knew it, obesity became a nationwide problem.

Losing weight is a common concern for a lot of people. However, losing weight is no joke, especially when you think of all the work involved. What if I tell you though, that there’s an alternative way to lose weight using good old psychic healing?

How, you may ask? Let me share with you my little theory on psychic fitness – a simple guide to psychic weight loss, using spiritual energies.

Energy, Weight Loss & Food Products

The food that you eat is ridden with energy. Unfortunately, most of the food available at the market right now comes from farms that use GMO’s and other unhealthy modifications in their produce.

This makes the energy of the food extremely negative, to the point when eating it only accomplishes the act of filling your stomach. But energy-wise, these food products are just as bad as empty carbs.

Losing weight is very much related to energy, so if you eat food that gives you positive energy, instead of negative energy, you can surely take a definitive step towards a healthier lifestyle.

What Happens To Your Energy When You Lose Weight?

A person who suffers from being overweight has a very unstable energy flow. This is due to the fact that the psychical body increases in mass. This causes problems in the etheric body of the person. When a person loses weight, the energy flow normalizes, enabling the energy of a person’s etheric body to flow more normally.

To do this of course, you need to eat energized food.

How To Energize Your Food To Lose Weight

Losing weight using psychic energy, simply involves the act of energizing the food that you are about to eat. Energizing is done in a very simple manner.

Remember, energizing is simply the manipulation of the energy using your hand chakras, by projecting positive energy into your food. To do this, just hover your hands over the food that you will be eating, and then start projecting positive energy into your food before you eat it!

Of course, losing weight involves a specific intake of nutrients. If the food you are eating comes from a fast food chain, then the food you eat will not make you lose weight. But if you do this by eating natural, organic food like vegetables and fruits, then you can rest assured that the food you are eating will be a great help to you losing weight!

I’ve suggested this to a number of my clients, and their results have been pretty positive! I’d love to hear how this works for you.

If you have questions about your health, life, or even your past lives, a psychic reading will give you the answers you seek!


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