Psychic Kids: Does Your Child Have An Active Third Eye – by Tana Hoy

Kids are a special, and once you have them, your life will never be the same. Their laughter, their energy, and the overall joy that they bring is enough to change your life forever.

psychic kids

Psychic Children

As they grow older, you start seeing them mature into a person of your own creation. It is indeed a beautiful journey watching your child develop step by step.

Sometimes though, your child can develop in a way unlike other children his or her age. Maybe your child might be interested in things that other children don’t find interesting at all, or your child may be drawn to places that are very close to nature.

Possibly your child finds it more interesting to talk with his “imaginary friends” than to interact with other children.

This could be a sign that you might have a psychic kid.

How Do Children’s Chakras Develop?

Having children with clairvoyant abilities is not really that unique. The human body’s chakras develop much like the physical body does. There are some chakras that open more as a person gets older, and there are chakras that get smaller as time passes by.

The Ajna Chakra, which is the energy center used by clairvoyant children to see into the spirit world, is among the latter. When a person is still a child, the Ajna Chakra is perennially activated, resulting in your child developing psychic abilities.

Of course, if a child’s psychic abilities are not honed, they eventually fade away as the child grows older. This is what happens to most people.

What Are The Signs That Your Child Has An Active Third Eye?

Psychic children are very noticeable. For one, they have a tendency to be loners, preferring to keep to him or her self, rather than play with other children.

Their games usually involve a lot of imagination as well. For example, your child may prefer having tea parties with their imaginary playmates, rather than have them with their stuffed animals.

They also have a tendency to be very close to nature. You may notice this when you take them to the park, where they will prefer playing alone in the grass, instead of playing with other kids on the playground.

Lastly, you might also notice them talking or laughing with their imaginary friends. You may even hear them running around the house as if they are playing with someone.

What Can You Do If Your Child Has An Active Third Eye?

If your child has an active Third Eye, you will need to prepare for this. Raising a psychic kid is very different from raising an average child. But having a clairvoyant child is not a bad thing. You just need to make sure that they develop their abilities in such a way that will not compromise their emotional and social growth.

Many psychic children end up isolating away from society because they have full access to a completely different world. It then becomes your job as the parent to present the idea that even though they can view the spirit world, they still belong to the physical world.

As such, they should not neglect their life on earth. Rather, they should use their gifts to live an even more complete life while they are alive.

Of course, contacting a psychic can help with this as well, since he would be able to guide your child/children though the process of balancing their physical life with the development of their psychic abilities.

With the right guidance, your psychic children’s potentials will be limitless!

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  1. desirea carter says:

    So , my question is can the third active eye eventually close as they get older , Or is that third active eye always open? Also, can they choose to not want to have contact with the spirit world?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      It naturally shuts down over time, and needs to be activated. I have videos on you tube for opening your Third Eye. People always have a choice who they want to contact. 🙂 Thanks for the question.

  2. Steve says:

    I KNOW that the Third Eye is very REAL and NOT just somebody’s “Imagination”. I know all about The Third Eye… What it is, What it resembles & All the stuff it can do. Being able to see BEYOND the LIVING PHYSICAL WORLD, Being able to ASTRAL PROJECT & ASTRAL TRAVEL, & Being able to Perform MAGIC!

  3. Glendale Fua says:

    Just last night about 10 pm, we were in the car parked next to a building to get something from the cold store. While my hubby was out to buy, I was with my 2 kids, 6-yr old boy and 2-yr old girl. Seated next to the window, my son was telling me, ‘Mommy, look’ (with kind of giggling). All I could see were 2 parked cars and a man standing next to the main entrance of the building. I thought he was happy to see 2 different cars. Then I said ‘wow nice’. But then again he insisted ‘Mommy, look! brother, sister and baby….one, two, three’ (as if he was really counting people and he was kind of happy to see them). Oh boy, I was perplexed and came to realize that my son is seeing something which I don’t see. Thanks goodness, my hubby came back and I told him what happened. So, he asked him again and still he was pointing the same direction.
    We were on bed and I still could not get over of the matter. My kid’s routine at bed time is singing rhymes, story telling, maths, spelling. I was about to start the routine but he just told me with giggling ‘Mommy, dirty knees, 3 dirty knees, no..6 dirty knees, they are so dirty’. Then I asked him ‘who are dirty?, your new friends in hardees? (we were there out for dinner)’ I just got a reply ‘no’. So i asked again ‘where are they?’ Then he said ‘there’. He was not pointing any direction but I know he was referring to the same kids he saw earlier. I just hugged him and comforted him and told him ‘it’s ok’.

  4. Kirsty-May says:

    do you have any suggestions on how to help your child further develop their third eye/ psychic ability or to just maintain it so that it doesn’t “shut down over time” ?

    • Tana Hoy says:

      The best thing is don’t treat your child as different. Let your child know it is natural and normal for him or her to have these abilities. Thats what my parents did! 🙂

  5. kimberly says:

    My son plays with his grandfather all the time. He goes to school with him. My father died before my son was born. He likes to play by himself. For hours. I have to make him go places. When my uncle died he new how. He tells me that people look a lot younger wow he’s nine he said to me tonight, mom I have a third eye where did that come frome? ?

  6. Catalina says:

    My 3 year old brings up “fifth dimension” a lot. I really don’t know how she picked that up or even learned the word. She is rather shy, so interacting with children is rare. The first time she brought it up I was writing on a piece of paper and she came up to me and said “oh! That paper is from the fifth dimension!” with a little, peaceful smile on her face. She was 2. I went along with it of course.
    She also has a past of seeing multiple beings that I did not have the ability to see.
    Whatever the case may be I continue to support what she says.

  7. Deidre says:

    My son is 6 now but when he was 1.5-4 years old he had MANY imaginary friends .. at first I thought it was because he was mainly with adults and not enough playtime & association with children but then he began talking in his very own pretend language with his “ friends” he would laugh out loud .. talk and play as if he was completely in the presence of people! One night he e em asked me to move over in bed “ because they wanted to lay down with us” I asked him if maybe “THEY “ could go lay in another room because it creeped me out & his reply “ don’t worry mom they like you & don’t want to hurt you !” Lol which really creeped me out! But instead of letting him see my fear or disapproval I decided to communicate & show acceptance towards this lil world he is experiencing but I never hid the fact that I was not able to SEE or HEAR the same things as him .. he accepted that & was much kore comfortable telling me his thoughts and feelings . After awhile he stopped speaking of these things and people ( altho he still claims he sees my deceased dad and sister in our home at times ) and then suddenly one day we met a lady & as this woman and I were conversing about church & Jesus my son appears in the room politely interrupts the conversation and tells this woman “ you need to be CAREFUL.. DO NOT OPEN YOUR 3RD EYE” and walks away.. as we stood there jaws dropped she tells me she’s been intrigued by that very thought ! Now I had ZERO KNOWLEDGE of a third eye .. & NEVER once heard him mention this subject to me. He is a OLD SOUL this last born son of mine & I truly believe he holds so much more within him then even I am aware of .. ???

  8. Jennifer says:

    My son is 6 years old now. He has been seeing my mom and Grandparents around the house for 3-4 years now, since they past away. He says they talk to him and sit down and play with him.??? But recently he has been talking about his girlfriend, which I was like what girlfriend? He said you know mom, my girlfriend that died in a car accident!? I was like oh ok honey. And there is another dark spirit he says that stands at the foot of his bed at night that really freaks him out too. But I say don’t worry, it can’t hurt you, it just wants to talk to you…..I am very comforted to know, we are not the only family experienceing this kind of cool spirit interaction.???? Thanks

  9. susan lina martinez says:

    I have a 3 children, first is 8 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. My 8 is a boy and he is seeing supernatural things i didn’t see when he is 3 up to now and he can even talk with them, he also have an imaginary friend, he also speaks to me that most of his dreams came true, he also told me when he come home from school that his classmates said he were shouting in the comfort room but he is consistently saying that he didn’t shout he just saw a woman inside the comfort room but he keeps on telling me that he really did not shout and just yesterday when i was about to send him to school, he was saying that he have already seen that exact moment, i could only say to myself that my son sees the future i think.. and also my 4 year old daughter, i remembered it was last august 2018 when she said and pointing out to me the girl sitted in the stairs but i haven’t seen any.. from then on she always talking alone and saying words that only adult could understand, as time passed i noticed that she have so many names of her imaginary friend sometimes she will as if introduce with me her friends, at first i let her played with her imaginary friends and just saying okay and embraced her but now i am alarmed with her attitude, and i often scolded her cause she gets even more stubborn. I really dont know what to do.. my 2 year old always got afraid and she sometimes acting like someone is teasing her feet and she were crying and kicking, covering her eyes. Is it just okay for my children? Can anyone tells me how to handle this? I want my children grow in a normal way.. i also believe in third eye, i am just worrying that i might not handle their gifts and nurture its good effects for my children.

  10. Janelle says:

    Hi my 7year old son is seeing and hearing those that have passed over.He sees signs and symbols also. He is really scared at times and I try to comfort him as much as possible. What should I do as I am worried about the effect it will have on him if his gift is not nurtured properly.

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