Psychic Love Advice – Is He Your Soulmate?

Many times during my psychic readings, my clients want psychic love advice, to know if the person they love is the right one, or the wrong one for them. When giving any kind of psychic love advice, the first thing i do is to look into their Akashic Records. I find all the answers to that question there!

Psychic Love

Psychic Love

What I often find is that when someone wants to know if the person they love is the right one for them or not, it is because they don’t feel like they are getting the love from that person that they need!

Love Is Like A Living Flower

I often say that love is like a plant. It needs water and sunshine to grow. If you neglect either of these things, it wilts, and eventually dies! The same is true in a relationship. It needs to be watered with love, kind deeds, loving actions, and it needs the sunshine of embrace, intimacy, and joy, to grow. Unfortunately, when relationships don’t get “watered”, the “sunshine” goes away.

Do you need help figuring out what to next with your relationship? Don’t worry any longer, because I can help you – and during your psychic reading, turning things around will be easier than you realize!

It is important to not forget to have fun, because when there are problems in love, everything suddenly becomes all serious. At that point, both people focus only on the problems that exist, and forget to remember to have fun! Seriousness all the time kills love – and feelings of intimacy! The best psychic love advice I always tell my clients during a reading is, “No matter what problems exist – always remember to bring in the fun too!”

Psychic Tools For Mending Your Broken Heart

What I enjoy most when I am reading for a client, is that once I am tuned into their energy, I am able to recommend the right gemstones for them to use, along with a powerful “love mantra”, designed specifically for them, that they can use. When they use just these two things, they find that their relationships start to turn around, and the love starts coming back between them – almost like magic!

This isn’t magic! It is simply using the right energies of the right gemstone for you and your situation, and then using a “love mantra” to manifest the desired results. Using these two things together invokes the supportive powers of the Universe. When I show my client how to do these two techniques correctly, the Universe responds by fulfilling your wishes and desires!

Once you know how to invoke the power of the Universe, you can turn any love problem into a problem of the past! You just need to have the right gemstone, and a “love mantra” that is designed specifically for your situation. Once you possess this knowledge, that’s when you see the magic begin!

The Ancient Mystery Schools Of Egypt

The love mantras I use are formulated based on the ancient magical teachings from the Mystery Schools of Egypt. The way I learned the formulation of love mantras was through the secret training that was taught to me by my mentor, when I was only 12 years old.

This knowledge os so powerful, it has never been written in any books. The ancient Egyptians knew that if this knowledge they possessed got into the wrong hands, it could be used for evil. So their secret teaching were passed on over thousands of years by way of the oral tradition. This means it was verbally taught by the mentor, and memorized by the student. No written record was ever allowed to exist!


Not all psychics are good. So when choosing a psychic for psychic love advice, it is important that you choose wisely! Psychic love advice deals directly with your heart and your emotions, so therefore it is very important that you choose a psychic who is skilled in helping you in this way!

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  1. S says:

    Where would I be able to purchase this gemstone?

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    I can’t wait to talk to you, I’ve been going through a real hard time- I have to remember all the angels are watching over me ❤️
    How about a mantra for lots of love ? 🙂

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    Will I ever find love & be happy ?? I doubt it. 🙁

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