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This week has been an interesting one. For one thing, I have been having many psychic dreams for the past two weeks, as the energy of 2015 approaches.

But this week alone, I have been having all sorts of vivid psychic dreams! It really drives me crazy when I see faces in my dreams, because since I have never met most of my clients face-to-face, I do not recognize these faces I have been seeing. Therefore I do not know who the messages I have been seeing are meant for.

If you feel like the visions I am seeing are related to you, then click here now to set up a time for us to meet!

I did recognize a few of the faces I saw, but most of them I didn’t know who. So when this happens, and it has happened before, I do not know which messages are for who!

The life of being a psychic can get confusing sometimes….

Are These Messages Meant For YOU?

When I had psychic visions of these face, I could sense that some of the people i was seeing are really struggling right now! I could sense some problems with a relationship, I could see someone who is struggling to find their true life purpose, and I could even see that there is someone who cares about a person, who does not seem to be returning the same affection back to them in return! There was even a health problem that one of the people I saw person doesn’t even know about!

Here are some descriptions of the people these messages are for:

  • One face had broken, hair, green eyes, nice smile, and wants to lose a few pounds.
  • One of the people I saw is about 5”6”, medium length hair, worries a lot, and wishes she had made some better choices in her life up to this point.
  • One of the people I saw is in a loveless marriage – maybe even had an affair
  • One of the faces I saw lost her mother some time ago, and still misses her.
  • One of the faces I saw is someone always on the go, rarely feels like they can relax, and just wants to have someone to love in their life.
  • One of the people I saw still thinks about an ex, and secretly wishes they were still together.

So my question is, is one the faces I saw YOU…?

Well, just know that if you are one of the face, we need to have a reading! I will always be available to help you. I always promise my clients that if I ever get any messages about them, I will promise to let them know! So, I am letting you know!

There is no reason to struggle, be depressed, worry, or lose sleep when I can easily help you!

Contact me when you are ready for my help by clicking here and filling out the form on my reading page. Oh, and don’t wait too long, because some of these things will have a time limit on them. At that point, it will be too late to change them or turn them around!

Thanks for reading my email today, and I just had to share with you what has been happening with me this week!

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

If you have been thinking about scheduling a reading with me, then visit: www.TanaHoy.com or call 614-444-6334

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5 Responses

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Thank you I’ve already had a reading in August of 2014 I’m scheduled to have another this coming January, but yes I’m still kinda of struggling with love , finances and little bit of depression sometimes just want change I’ve done everything I can and still doing everything I can just tired of being the strong responsible one who everyone turns to I don’t have that luxury to have someone take care of me or even handle some of the things that I do at this point. When’s it going to be my turn for someone to take of me and my needs or someone who actually wants to take care of my needs I’m always the third wheel among my friends when we go out I’m so tired of feeling all alone without a partner I feel lost you have no idea how much love I can give in a relationship finances are a whole other story there is never enough bottom line I try to be positive about everything really. I do just not sure anymore

  2. janice arandelovic says:

    Hi Am I the one that wants to get back with her ex? I have a reading scheduled for january 5th ,I believe. I cant relate to anyone else .Are these separate people you are seeing? This is not tied into one person is it? would think not.I hope you are well ,just checking in, Have a nice day!
    Your friend Janice.

  3. samuel sam says:

    Hi Mr. Tana
    I am Sam from India I want to activate and open my third eye. i do meditate but can’t concentrate for long time. I have seen your video regarding this on youtube. i have started feeling something between my eyebrows but i dont know its positive or not and the other thing is its not going and not even helping me to see better so i cant understand what is it? i know it takes time but how much??
    and i wanna make sure that i am walking on aright path or not? please help me if possible.

    Thank you

  4. Faybien Leah Keamalu Waltjen says:

    Aloha Dear Heart,

    None of the description fits me. How ever, I am sure you’ll find the individual who fits that profile. With much love and light, take care you!


  5. Leticia says:

    Hi Tana .. Thank you for reaching out to your clients and trying to always help us or looking out for us.. I have a reading with you after the new year 2015. I feel and know in my heart that i truly want to marry again. To be happy, successful, and to do charitable work around the world and to fight for causes with my husband.., To be with a true soulmate, friend, and person that will never let me down or let me go.. I met an amazing man named Matthew.. I talked to you a year ago and you described him exactly to a tee and how i would meet him..You said i would meet him on the internet, a 6’0 dark hair handsome guy around 33 . A guy who’s name starts with an M..I would meet him between March -May.. I met him in May. A successful gentleman and you said i would say a phrase to him and i did exactly like you said i would say.. I said twice to him” where did you come from..” you said it would be a slow process and it has been.. We have been together for 6 months.. you said i would get married again.. I hope he is the one and feel he is and will try to be patient and let him lead the relationship.. Hope and pray for good things and happiness.. I have been waiting for this for a long time and life has been pretty rough in my past and now wanting to be on that right path to happiness ..Leticia

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