Psychic Phenomena And Why Scientists Don’t Believe psychic-phenomena-2

Science is the reason why we call psychic phenomena, paranormal, even though it is normal for many of us.

There are things in this world, in this universe, that science cannot explain. Our universe, and everything that exists within it, does not all succumb to the laws of science.

Science is merely a human process, which focuses on physical proof, by people who closed their minds to the possibility of the unknown – the possibility of greater things that are way beyond human comprehension.

Science gives us the logic and the capability to reason out how the world works, but because of the wide scope of its limits, it denies the reality that psychic phenomena are real. Sad to say, most scientists disagree that psychic phenomena is real because of the sole reason that it lacks “scientific” proof.


Scientists Don’t Believe In Psychic Phenomena Because It Often Lacks Physical Proof


Psychic phenomena are the events, incidents, and happenings that seem impossible to explain. They are the events that science cannot explain if it was to use scientific methods science requires in order to prove that something is a fact.

Psychic phenomena does not need to follow scientific methods, or have a physical proof, in order to proveit as true, because psychic phenomena dwells in spirituality, and spirituality is not a physical element. It is a spiritual element that does not take the form of physical matter, as spirituality exists on the foundations of belief, energy, and the unknown.       

Every scientist believes that in order to prove that something exists, or to prove if something is true, that the specific event, person, object, or entity, should be supported by physical proof that it really did happen, is happening, or that it exists.


The Problem With Science When It Comes To Psychic Phenomenon


This is the problem with science. Scientists tend to be close-minded about the possibility of greater things beyond the reaches of today’s scientific proof. If a psychic phenomenon is found to lack the physical proof to support its validity, scientists would then dismiss it as untrue – which in my opinion, is very limiting.

For example, if a psychic sees a vision of thefuture, such as the pregnancy of a famous celebrity, and then the psychic’s vision turns out to be true, what would scientists say? Most probably, scientists would explain the pregnancy as a very likely situation, saying because the celebrity has just become newly married, thatpregnancy was an expected scenario. Scientists would then dismiss the psychic’s accurate vision as a hypothetical guess.

The above scenario is a very good example as to how scientists think. Even if the psychic indeed had real visions of the future, scientists would still find ways to debunk it through the use of shallow reasoning, which revolves around the physical world.


Scientists Are Very Strict In Their Thinking Processes

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The saying that “people are afraid of what they don’t understand” is indeed very applicable to scientists, because scientists dismiss real psychic events, even though real people experience them.

Scientists are very strict when it comes to following the scientific method because it is the holy grail of science. The scientific method says that one should first observe, experiment, test, and then conclude a hypothesis, before one arrives at a specific conclusion.

The scientific method is indeed a very good and systematic process, but it fails to consider the events that are out of the reaches of physical science. And remember, supernatural events are spiritual in nature, meaning these events do not take a physical form. Supernatural events exist because of the existence of energy, belief, and unseen spiritual beings that are of another world – the Spiritual World.



Scientists Don’t Believe In Psychic Phenomena Because They Are Afraid Of What They Currently Don’t Understand


The saying that “people are afraid of what they don’t understand” is indeed very applicable to scientists, because scientists dismiss real psychic events,even though real people experience them.

Scientists always find ways to push their explanations by saying the psychic phenomena people experience are the results of explainable physical processes of nature.

If scientists cannot explain why psychic  phenomenon happens, such as how a Psychic Medium can see visions of the future, as well as see and talk to Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, they then divert the topic to the area of physical science. In hopes of explaining the psychic’s ability as a psychological and mental condition – which is indeed is a very limiting way to approach things!


A Different Viewpoint psychic-phenonomena-3

Psychic phenomenon speaks of the truth of the universe because our universe is not just made of physical entities, physical worlds, and physical processes of nature.

Psychic phenomenon speaks of the truth of the universe because our universe is not just made of physical entities, physical worlds, and physical processes of nature. Our universe thrives with life and wonder because of the combination of both the physical and the metaphysical beings, worlds, and processes of nature.

The science that we have now,of which scientists regard as the truth of the universe, is a science that dwells around consistency and patterns in events – which then again presents another series of loopholes.

There are things in this universe that are not bound to consistent patterns, because this universe is not just a physical universe; it is also a metaphysical and a spiritual universe.

Anything can happen, which is why psychic experiences vary from person to person, giving scientists a very hard time in explaining these supernatural phenomenon, simply because they only follow their own physical science, which is limited and bound, by patterns.


All Psychic Experiences Vary


Psychic experiences can come on the form of a daydream, or in the form of hearing a voice from an invisible being, or perhaps from an actual guardian angel that you can see and speak to. The possibilities are endless, because there are no rules as to how psychic phenomena should happen.

Scientists are so preoccupied with the physicality of things that they forget there are greater things, which do not offer physical proof or explanation as to how they happen. For example, ghost sightings, intervention of guardian angels during times of disaster, visions of the past and future, telepathy, or mind reading, and so much more.

Why have these experiences made their way from ancient times into modern culture? Why do people speak about these incidents from almost every culture? Surely, there is some basis as to why psychic phenomena has transcended through time. The reason is because it is true.


My Final Thoughts


Our universe is a place full of wonder and mysticism. Humanity has thrived and improved as we have walked the face of this Earth, giving way for science to rise. But along with our rise to technological progress, we have forgotten about the other side of life – the spirituality that makes our existence whole and complete.

Science has answered many of our questions, such as how the universe works, how man became a bipedal intellectual being, or how our world is also the same world where microorganisms live. Science is worthy of such praise and admiration, along with the scientists that follow and use science.

However, science is also the reason why we are left divided – the believers from the nonbelievers. Science is the reason why we call psychic phenomena, paranormal, even though it is normal for many of us. Science is one of the main culprits as to why we cannot fully understand the “other things” that happen in our world – the many psychic phenomena that every person experiences from time to time.

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  1. Sam says:

    This is not always the case. Wayne Dyer once quoted on a former scientist turned spiritualist when he realised how everything came from the universe itself. It’s in his ‘Power of Intention’ speech, however it’s a pretty long one but it’s within the first half hour to 45 minutes of it.

    Tana you’ve basically explained this for me. Scientists can only consider and comprehend the physical reality and as such are limited to it. However this is not to say that Fringe science isn’t a thing. This is the area you are looking for that provides investigation that is outside the boundaries of normal science.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Hi Tana,
    Thankyou for this article on science minded people. My brother is one of them and I find it impossible to get through to him even though I have told him of many numerous encounters I have had and we both have had (such as dreams ) together. He even came to a reading with me recently where we had our recently deceased father come through with vital information for us about his wife’s deceit! My brother was happy for the advice but didn’t want to beleive it came from the other side.


  3. Sam says:

    Many people will often see psychic practice as a novelty rather than a serious dedicated practice. It’s unfortunate really… My mother is the same. She likes the idea but ultimately only goes as far as seeing it as a fun intrigue… In time with enough undeniability through his own perspective can he be convinced.

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