Psychic Phone Reading – Is It Accurate

People often ask me if a “psychic phone reading” is more accurate than an in-person reading? A psychic phone reading is just as accurate, if not more accurate, than an actual in-person reading. I decided to write this article to explain to you why that is, and the differences between a phone reading and an in-person psychic reading.

I’m a psychic, and a psychic medium. Let me explain what this means. A psychic does not have the psychic gift called mediumship. Mediumship, is the ability for a psychic to be able to communicate with spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones on the other side. Mediumship ability, is what separates a psychic medium from a regular psychic.

"psychic phone reading"

So as you can see, there is a big difference between a psychic and a psychic who has mediumship ability. This mediumship ability alone, determines if a phone reading is more accurate, or not as accurate, as an in-person psychic reading.

When a regular psychic gives you a reading, they use tarot cards, they might read the lines in the palm of your hand, or they might hold an object and get impressions from the object they’re holding. Holding an object and doing a reading this way is called psychometry.

All of the above methods require the psychic to interpret the impressions and vibrations that they are sensing and picking up. This allows for a lot of an accuracy, because the psychic can misinterpret the information that they are receiving.

It’s like looking at a roadmap and reading it wrong. If you don’t read it correctly, you will end up going in the wrong direction, and not getting where you intended to go. This is the same process that happens when a psychic interprets information that he or she is receiving about you. The misinterpretation of the impressions a psychic picks up is what can make your psychic reading not very accurate.

A psychic who has mediumship ability like myself, receives information from the spirit world, and therefore relies much less on the interpretation of the impressions or images that he or she receives. For example, when I am doing a reading for a client, either my spirit guides and guardian angels, or the guides of my client, actually materialize in front of me, and then start talking to me. They tell me many things about the person I am reading for!

"psychic reading"

So whatever information the guides are angels tell me, I simply repeat that information back to my client. So there is very little of the interpretation of the information involved during the reading. I am  simply repeating back to the person I am reading for, a conversation that I’m being told by the guides and angels.

People often ask me how it is possible to do a psychic phone reading when the person is not there. Now that you understand the gift of mediumship, this is a very simple question to answer. Since spirit guides, guardian angels, and loved ones on the other side, are made of energy, energy is not separated by distance, time, or space.

So it doesn’t matter where I am located, or where the person I am reading for is located, because since they are made of energy, I can connect with them and communicate with them, no matter where I am, or where you are. I also connect to your voice vibrations, which again, is another form of energy.

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The other reason that a psychic phone reading is more accurate than in person reading, is because I find that when I am talking to somebody on the telephone, I am not distracted by the person’s physical energy, like I am sometimes when they are sitting in front of me. So when I am giving you a psychic reading, I am strictly focused on the conversation that I’m having with my guides and angels, or your guides and angels – without any energy distractions from your physical energy! So I find I am able to tune in and focus even more over the telephone! "psychic phone reading"

Of course, also keep in mind that this all of this depends on the skill level and the psychic ability of the psychic.There are still bad psychics who can’t read you whether it is on the phone or in-person. So this only applies to a good psychic!

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I hope this article has helped you to understand why a “psychic phone reading” can be even more accurate than an in-person reading. A psychic phones reading can not only be more accurate, but it also allows you to have a psychic reading in the privacy of your own space.

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    Great article Tana. Now I know why my readings with you have been more accurate than any other psychic who has read for me! Thanks for explaining this!!

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    Tana, this is very informative! Thank you! I agree, your readings are more accurate than other psychics who have read for me!

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    Great article Tana! Can I learn to develop the psychic gift of mediumship too?

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    I can’t wait for my reading with you in May

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    Tana amazing article

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