The Psychic Power Of Smell: Using Your Nose To Read Others – Tana Hoy

Did you know that scents have the power to ignite emotions, memories, and attraction? So it’s makes sense that people pay ample attention to how they smell. But did you know that scents also stir your psychic senses, and by developing your psychic sensitivity to different smells, you can improve your day-to-day life?

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Smell – A Psychic Tool

The psychic power of scents works in two ways. Both are equally important, which is why you need to train yourself to be sensitive to both:

Using Your Nose As A Psychic Tool

Being constantly aware of the smells around you can greatly improve your day-to-day life, both in the physical and psychic realms. It helps you in:

• Reading people. Smells can evoke psychic impressions, as well as allow you to read other people, such as when they’re attracted to you, or if they’re sick. You can also psychically “smell deception”, or if the person you’re talking to is uneasy, scared, or annoyed.

• Conjuring memories. Smells can make you remember long-forgotten people, places, or events in your life. You can even associate certain colognes to specific individuals, and a whiff of their perfume, even when worn by someone else, can make old feelings come bubbling up to the surface.

• Relaxing and meditating. Soothing scents can ease your tense muscles, and relieve your stress. They also help you reach a meditative state, causing you to become more receptive to psychic predictions and insights.

• Sensing danger. The distinct odor of gas, spoiled food, rotting meat, and the like, warns you of danger, and puts you in a more alert mode. You can also “smell” danger, meaning that you can intuitively smell that “something isn’t right.”

• Smelling the energy of a location. You may not realize it, but your psychic sense of smell tells you so much about the aura of a room when you enter it. You can “practically smell” how friendly a place is, or how much negative energy is in it.

• Sensing spirits and ghosts. As psychic mediums will attest, spirits and supernatural beings sometimes leave traces of scents, such as cologne, tobacco, leather, among others.

How You Psychically Smell To Others

Incidentally, the scent you radiate also reveals much about you. Other people, especially those with well-developed psychic senses, can detect if you have an underlying illness, if you’re attracted to someone, if you’re not telling the truth, among other things.

People emitting repulsive odors, both psychically and physically, may be suffering from an imbalance in their chakras (the body’s energy centers). Blocked chakras prevent positive energy from flowing freely through the body, which can eventually affect one’s physical body. This can result in certain unattractive smells like bad breath, or even body odor.

Also, an individual’s aura (the invisible energy field that surrounds a person) may also emit an unpleasant psychic smell if the person is harboring negative energies like resentment, deceit, rage, and so on.

Furthermore, if a room stinks of sulfuric smells, it could mean that an evil spirit is present.

The Power Of Scents

The power of scents can be used to improve your life in two ways. First, by developing your clairalience (psychic sense of smell), you can use your sense of smell to receive intuitive insights.

And second, by being constantly aware of the smell that you emit, or which scent you need to put in a room, you can have a certain level of control over the people around you.

Being aware of the psychic power of scents by giving your sense of smell a bit more attention can greatly improve, and even change, your life!

A psychic reading, will let you know if there’s a need to balance your chakras so that you can exude an irresistible “psychic scent” to those around you.
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  1. Lindsey Nicholas says:

    Hi, I have been reading your article re; clairalience. I have an issue at home currently. I wondered if you could shed some light on it if possible? My daughter is coming up to 4 yrs in June. My mother is not psychic that we are aware of but I think she’s definitely picking up something associated with my daughter. We all live together and my daughters been constipated or finds it difficult in passing stools… When my daughter is about ready to do a poo, even before she’s showing any signs & even when my mum is upstairs or in a different room, she gets a very strong smell up her nose that seems to last all day which she says isn’t pleasant, she can’t describe the smell. She says its like nothing she’s ever smelt before but she’s bang on with when my daughters trying to pass a stool. It’s very strange. Especially when she’s in a different part of the house. She’ll ask, “is Katy trying to do a poo, I’ve got that strange strong smell again”? … and she is but she says it a few minutes prior to her trying.
    I’m planning on taking her to the Dr’s Monday but I trust my mums instincts.

    Also, my mum said she saw a shadow in front of the tv one night that fogged the view of the tv but this has only happened once. My dad didn’t see it but she did. My mums experienced a few different smells, ie, aftershave (which my dad never wears) a floral perfume smell & this one.

    Our house is not haunted and noones died here so we find it strange.

    I know it’s a sounds like a strange experience but could this be a bad smell due to something not being right or a bad energy or someone trying to spiritually tell us somethings wrong?

    Kind regards


    • Tana Hoy says:

      Sounds like your house is haunted, or being visited by someone. It you would like, during a reading I would be able to tune in and tell you exactly is visiting you. It would be interesting to find out. Thanks for the question 🙂

  2. Brittney Toliver says:

    Just read your article. It fits me very well.I’ve noticed that when i’m around someone with psychic abilities, psychic scents appeared out of blue. i question myself about this.

    Last night, my roommate who is psychic, but he didn’t recognize it, brought a stinky scent, causing my other roommate to smell it from him. he said it was the outsdoor air. i was puzzled.

    Other one happened this week, when my boyfriend picked me up, marijuana scent appeared out of blue as i came in his car.

    Is it possible that I created the scents to reveal other psychics and empaths’ real colors?

    Any advices would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Brittney 🙂

  3. Brittney Toliver says:

    Thanks for the confirmation, Tana.

  4. Katerina says:

    I can smell when people have a good energy. I can also smell when people are good people but are depressed, it’s a very sweet gentle sad smell. I can smell anxiety, and when chakras are unbalanced, I can also feel this as well.

  5. Calvin says:


    Today a friend of mine who is very into getting his auras and cards read, mentioned that I was giving off a sulfur type smell. I have never noticed this and neither has anyone else around me on a daily basis. I’m getting the sense it may not necessarily be a physical odor. But what does that mean? Thank you

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I’m not sure what it means. I would need to delve deeper into this when we speak during our session. We will definitely discuss it then.

  6. Dee says:

    Hi tana
    I constantly smelling we paint.
    Could you let me know your thoughts on what this means

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Possibly someone on the Other Side who is around you, was a painter. Could just be one of your Spirit Guides, who likes to paint, saying hello too,

  7. Nancy Gross says:

    I was on a dating site for years and this one guy was interested in me and called me a few times to go out…there was always something preventing me from meeting him. I just didn’t trust him. I forgot all about him and years went by and I got a text he was still thinking of me and wanted to meet….I felt bad as obviously he really was sincere if he kept my number for years….He is also from where I live. We met at a popular spot in town…I was sitting by myself at the bar and the restaurant was almost empty….waiting for him. I suddenly was overwhelmed with this horrible smell that was like really smelly shoes and it made me turn around…there was a man directly behind me that I hadn’t seen come in who looked older and was staring so I immediately moved down at least eight stools to get away…. i asked the bartender what the smell was and he said he did not smell a thing….I got a text on my phone and the guy said I am here….It was the guy that had been sitting behind me that I thought smelled…I sat down and the odor had disappeared….I thought maybe it was a spirit protecting me and moving me away from this guy….it sure worked.

  8. Jamie says:

    I am trying to find out more regarding a gift I have. When I touch people I can scent things from them. It manifests as smells. Each person is different and I can tell what their true self is by the smell I get no matter how they present themselves. I can scent dishonestly particularly well, as well as pain, hope, love, and joy. What is this and where can I find out more about it?

  9. Leah says:

    The nose knows. When I was really little I would feel uncomfortable in a room that didn’t smell right. When I was 14 my mom met a man and I knew immediately when he was in the house without being told. The smell was horrendous and made me almost unreasonably angry. I told my mom how I felt and understandably she didn’t put much thought into my words. Soon after he started making advances towards my friends like dropping his towel after showers and lewd comments. I was 16 when he tried to do the same to me. I used to consider my nose a joke or a party trick. Now as an adult I don’t take it for granted. My ability has protected me in many situations. If anyone is going through the same thing and they’re reading this always listen to your nose or gut or whatever alarm is going off.

  10. Deija says:

    I think my sister has a negative energy or aura with her, we share a room and it always smells like cigarettes when she lights incense, neither of us smoke or anybody in the house, it only smells like cigs when she lights incense.

  11. kitty says:

    I have a theory my ex was contaminated with an energetic parasite who d feed of negative energy and fear. He was sort of a desired lover boy in town and handsome but first time he came around i felt this smell..that i continued smelling on and of…would come up stronger when he was in rage or completley disapear when in calm situation…We broke up and today when thinking about it for a prolonged time i felt the same smell, very randomly was left on the glass…now seams to be gone..I felt like this parasite he had on wanted to multiply and would look for the victims to contaminate…My intuition was talking loud to me so many times but he was louder…There r some bad stuff out there..Since i got involved with him my life fell apart and everything went wrong ways with no precise explanation…I do belive no matter how strange it sounds it was the negative energy he was spreading around, i could smell it!! Moreover the monster would feed on mine leaving me completly drained weight loss included…Finally there was an angelic or so assitance that helped this to be cut for good..Keep your nose out, let your intuition speak loud was my lesson learned

  12. Louise says:

    My daughter says that I have had a “tinned mussels oil” smell hanging around me for the past week or so… might you have any idea what that can mean??

  13. Kath says:

    I got a overwhelming smell of my mums perfume t ok day, she is very ill but not crossed over, i am not sure what the meaning of it is. I sent my mum a message to check ik her an she replied saying she was ok so im way confused on why it happened

  14. Dez says:

    Something happened last night that I am slightly worried about. I woke up very suddenly from a bad dream and I was surrounded by the smell of rotting dirt. I also had the sense that something was going to happen to someone in my family. The smell was all consuming. After about 20 minutes the smell left as suddenly as it had appeared, but the sense of dread remained. If anyone knows what this means please help

  15. Justine says:

    I was told that if you negative energy when you get intimate with a guy, he would be able to smell something foul coming from you. Is that true?

  16. Alfonso Malleiro says:

    my father passed away a few months ago I was their untill he was gone with him untill his last breath taking care of him for his last days.Right the minute when he passed away there was a very strong smell in the hospital room it was a very strong odor that i associated with a smell of death.When I stayed the whole night after veiling on his cuffin alone(Who was behind glass room) at one moment during the night this smell appeared again,first I didn’t realised it but then it caught me I started smelling with my nose to see from wich side it was coming and it came just next to me on my left side where i was siitng on a cauch.Now at home in my room it happend a few times this smell appeared again once for a while next to me in my bed and another time, the last time just a few seconds then it dissapeared.Now it has not happend anymore since a month.I am thinking about this constantly and wonder what this all means.Could you please explain why this can happen and if there is a reason for it and what could be done.
    Thank you
    Best regards

  17. Julie Harmsen says:

    I’ve been having a leather-like smell that comes off of my boyfriend and I can not figure out what it is. Anyone else had this happen?

  18. Maria says:

    Hello weve recently have been dealing with something different at the house . there has been a spirit with bad breathe in the house . is sits around in front of you and breathes on you and emits a bad odor .

  19. Shelly says:

    Hi Tana, i have experienced this intermittently over the years but for some reason have just recently realised it is a psychic gift. Today i smelt, in quite quick succession the smell of fire or smoke (yes there are very negative people living next door to me who wish me ill will) and then by a paint or polyurethane smell. I dont really know any painters that have passed to the otherside so not sure who it might be, but as an amature painter myself felt it was a little nudge to continue to paint. Enjoyed your article, thank you.

  20. Samantha says:

    I just bought a new leather handbag and it smells exactly like an old boyfriend. It literally gave me goosebumps.
    Can people come to you through objects or is this just jogging my memory?

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