Psychic Powers & How To Develop Them

“Psychic powers” seem to be something strange and mysterious when people hear those two words mentioned. Yet, everyone has “psychic powers” to one degree or another.

I like the word “powers” instead of “abilities” because they are “psychic” in nature, and “powers” that are bestowed upon you by the Divine Creator.

Why Everyone Naturally Has Psychic Powers!

psychic powers

Psychic Powers Explained

Every human being has psychic ability! These powers are a divine part of every living soul. Why does everyone have these powers, you might ask? Well first, we have to look at the history of man to understand this a little bit better.

Hundreds of years ago, we started out as cavemen and cavewomen. Back when we were cave people, we were limited in our speech patterns, and could only make “grunts” and “groans” to communicate, since we unable to speak.

With limited speech, man was not able to communicate the way that we do today. So when cavemen were out hunting for food, and they ran into another caveman that was not part of their group, how did they know whether this person was going to be a friend, or someone who might try to harm them? They had to rely heavily on what they felt inside to determine whether this new stranger was dangerous or not.

Another example is when caveman left their caves to go out to gather berries, or hunt for food, how did they determine when they left the cave, that their wives and children were going to be safe or not? Remember, Cave people faced the danger of being eaten by wild animals and beasts! Of course we don’t think about this today, but this fear was a reality back when we were cave people.

Man Years Ago

Man Years Ago

The only way that they knew whether or not our family members were going to be safe or not, was by following their intuition, or the feelings that they had inside. They had to reply heavily on their psychic powers to survive. So now you can see why I say that psychic ability, intuitive feelings, hunches, or whatever you choose to call them, are a natural part of who we are!

No matter what words you use to describe those feelings, any time you receive information, knowledge, or intuitive feelings outside of your five senses, they are psychic in nature. They are psychic because this information is not being gathered using one of your five senses. This is why psychic ability is often referred to as your “Sixth Sense”!

How The Advancement Of Technology Has Deadened Your Psychic Powers

As technology has advanced over the years, we no longer need to worry about whether the people we meet are safe or not. When we meet someone we can get a strong sense of who they are by talking and making simple observations. The ability to have speech has widened our ability to size up the people that we meet.

Unlike the cavemen and women, when you leave your home, you know that when you return at the end of the day that your family is not going to have been eaten by wild beasts! Most people just assume that when they get home at the end of the day, that their family is going to be there safely waiting on them.

Due to the advancement of technology, along with the development of speech, we have learned to rely less and less on our psychic feelings. But regardless, those psychic abilities are still deep within you, because psychic feelings are a natural part of our evolution, because a time long ago, our psychic feelings were all we have to rely on.

 You Don’t Develop Your Psychic Powers – You Only Awaken Them

psychic ability  This is why I often say that you don;t learn to develop your psychic ability. Since psychic ability is already a natural  part of who you are, you’re simply learning to reawaken it from deep within your soul. All you have to do is learn how to reconnect to it, using the correct psychic development techniques, in order to get the maximum amount of benefit from these special powers!

So what I am going to teach you now are a few techniques you can use to start reconnecting to your psychic ability!

3 Ways To Reconnect To The Psychic Inside

1. Meditation is the First Step

One of the best things that I recommend to anybody, is to start practicing a simple meditation every day! Meditation is the key to reconnecting yourself to the deepest parts of your soul. When you use meditation to open your soul, you will naturally start to reconnect to the intuitive, psychic feelings that already reside deep within your being.

I like to use a mantra when meditating. The best mantra to use os the word “AUM” (pronounced “ohm” – like home, without the “h”)

Sit in a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the ground, and your hands palms up. Then start repeating this mantra silently to yourself. Breathe naturally, and keep silently repeating this mantra.

Whenever you notice your thoughts starting to wander off and think about something else, just gently bring your attention back to this mantra, and continue repeating it again.

Do this for 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the evening. Over time, slowly try to increase this to 20 minutes in the morning, and 20 minutes in the evening, every day. This one technique alone, will awaken your psychic abilities more than you could ever imagine! Try it, and you will see what I mean for yourself!

2. Start Paying Attention To Your Gut Feelings

Most people talk about having got feelings, but unfortunately, most people ignore their gut feelings! This is the biggest mistake you could ever make!

Always! I repeat always! Trust your gut feelings! Here is one of the most important things to remember – “Your gut feelings are never wrong!” I Repeat ” “Your gut feelings are never wrong!” Why most people have trouble trusting their gut feelings, is simply because we’re not taught to trust our feelings without cold hard fact, and logical knowledge!


We’ve been trained as a society to make decisions based on logic and logical information. So if we “feel” something that doesn’t seem logical, or based on fact, we are taught to ignore it. This is the total opposite of psychic feelings!

Psychic feelings are not based on previously gathered information or facts, they are based on the exact opposite – a “gut feeling”! So it is important to start learning to train your conscious awareness to start tuning into, and paying attention to your gut feelings.

Once you learn to start paying attention to these feelings and trusting them, you will find that you save your self from a lot of heartache, mistakes, and dealing with the wrong people!

3. Go With Your First Impressions – They Are Psychic Warnings

You also need to learn to start trusting your first impressions! Most people, when they get a first impression about somebody that they just met for the first time, if that impression is not a good one, they will tend to rationalize it away, and decide to give the person a second chance!

This is emotionally dangerous if you’re doing this with somebody that you’ve met for a potential date or love interest! It is financially dangerous if you are doing this was somebody that you are planning to do some kind of business with that involves an exchange of money! And this can be detrimental to your physical health, if it involves dealing with a certain doctor, or health practitioner, that you’re trusting your life and physical well-being with!

Why you need to start trusting your first impression is because when two people meet, there are a electromagnetic, energetic vibrations, that are emitted from the soul of each person. These psychic, electrical impulses, are vibrating and radiating outwards from the aura of each person.

When these psychic energies interact with each other, they are either drawn to each other like a magnet, or they are

Auric Energy

Auric Energy

repelled like the opposite ends of a magnet. Your energies either connect or repeal, so this is why you have a strong feeling of like, or dislike, when you meet somebody for the first time.

If you experience a feeling of neutrality, it simply means that the two of you just don’t really mesh! So when you have this feeling with someone you meet, it means this person is simply someone you just don’t connect with.

If you just use these 3 techniques alone, you will find that you will develop your psychic abilities to a level that you never imagined possible! It’s really that simple!

Psychic powers are an amazing thing, once you understand them fully and know how to utilize them to their maximum benefit! Your psychic powers are the key to helping you live a safer, fuller, and  much happier life.



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