Psychic Prediction – The Passing Of A Famous Psychic

Sometimes being psychic, has it’s downsides. It has it’s downsides when it comes to seeing things that I don’t always want to see. Sometimes the things I see bring me joy, and at other times, the things I see make me feel sad.

I had a strong psychic vision earlier today, and what I saw, brought a sense of sadness to my heart. I saw the passing of one of my peers – a fellow psychic.

In my vision, here is what I saw:

1. There will be the passing of a famous psychic.

2. She will be female.

3. She will have lived a long life (somewhere between 90-92 years old).

4. She will have strong connections with Chicago.

5. She will pass between December 6th and December 91th, 2012.

6. The letters “i” ,”f” and “h” are associated with her name.

7. She will pass in peace from old age.

Although this made me feel sad when I saw this happening, it brought me a sense of joy to know that she would pass in peace.

May we all send love and white light out into the Universe, to protect her, and keep her safe, when she transitions from this life to the next.


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