Psychic Predictions 2013 For December – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Here are more of my psychic predictions 2013. With all of the strange things happening around the world being due to the psychic energy that has been hitting the planet, we are going to start seeing some very interesting happenings over the next several months.

psychic predictions 2013

More Of My Psychic Predictions:


There is going to be the death of another male actor, and his passing will be like a flashback from Heath Ledger and how he died. Tragic and sad, many people will scratch their heads wondering why someone would have to die that way.

Another old time actor is going to gain popularity. With Betty White, Tony Bennett, and William Shatner enjoying fame well into their 80’s, we are going to see another goody-but-oldy become famous once again!


More embarrassment lies ahead for the Republican Party. There is going to be another sex scandal that involves interns, and even the wives of certain political figures will be caught up in this mess! It is going to be like a circus – only in Washington D.C.!

Hilary Clinton will win the Presidency in 2016! I wanted to give everyone a thumb up ahead of time!


Severe weather is going to hit Honduras, the Philippines, and even Japan. Honduras is going to be affected the worst. In the USA, Florida is going to be hit by a big one!

The Midwest and other parts of the country are going to report unusual weather patterns for the times of the seasons where the weather should be different than it is! Weathermen will be perplexed!

The Economy

The US economy is going to be strong, but over the next several months, the economy in Australia is going to suffer! This is going to come as a surprise to many people who live in that country! But it will be only temporary, and it last only a short period of time.

Housing prices will rise and rise over the next few months! It is going to be a good time to sell if you are planning to move or change locations!

UFO’s And Aliens

We are going to have two major UFO sightings over the upcoming months. Several people will witness them, but the media and the government will say they were either weather balloons, or Chinese lanterns! How many people float Chinese lanterns in the US?

The American Government will reveal a new type of technology or aircraft that will seem very advanced. This technology was taught to them by life from another universe!

Our Furry Friends

Over the next few months, cat adoptions will be on the rise! These furry little friends will be finding new homes, and cat shelters will hardly have enough cats to adopt out after the huge wave of adoptions start taking place!

There will be the discovery of a cure for disease often associated with cats and dogs that will allow your pets to live longer! It will be a huge advancement in pet health.

Love And Relationships

There is going to be an increase in Las Vegas style chapel weddings. More and more people are going to decide to forgo the high cost of weddings, and allow their hearts to be enough to prove their love – not the size of the wedding they have!

Divorces are going to also be on the rise over the next several months!

There are my psychic predictions for 2013! To find out what predictions I have for your life, schedule a psychic reading with me by clicking here now!

My psychic predictions 2013 will let you know what should you expect over the next month! There are many surprises in store! Are you prepared?

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