Psychic Predictions For 2012 And Beyond!

I have been meditating no less than 5 hours a day over the last 5 days, in order to make a deep psychic connection with the cosmic mind of the Universe, and to raise my psychic abilities to an even higher level! As I have been meditating, many amazing visions have been revealed to me!

Crystal Ball

Psychic Predictions 2012

On the 4th day, after a total of 20 hours of meditation, a flash of violet light burst forward out of my Third Eye! This flash of light was so bright, that my neighbors came to my door at around 10 PM, asking me if there was an explosion of some kind that had just happened in my home! They were concerned because they saw a bright “explosion of violet light” coming from my windows, and they said that it lit up half the block, but they didn’t hear any sound!

I assured them that there was not an explosion, and that it was nothing to be concerned about! If I had tried to explain to them that it was an energy release of the cosmic power contained within my Third Eye , they wouldn’t have understood anyway!

Once my Third Eye chakra had been opened by this violet light explosion, my mind was instantly flooded with so many visions about the future. Some of the visions that I saw may seem unsettling, others will seem fascinating, while others may seem down right bizarre, or nearly impossible.

Regardless, as shocking as some of these visions may seem, Saint Germain and the Archangel Michael assured me that my visions accurately reveal the events that are going to unfold over the next several years. Here are a few of the many psychic visions that were revealed to me over the last 5 days.

crystal ball in hand

Psychic Predictions For 2012 And Beyond

There is going to be two passings of world famous music icons within the next 15 days. An Africa American female pop icon, and a British male icon. Both of these icons sang the same genre of music, and both enjoyed massive fame! Their deaths will occur within 5 days of each other.

The female american pop icon will pass first, followed within 5 days by the passing of the British male pop icon. Both will pass from the same form of disease, yet it will manifest in different forms in both of them.

The death of the famous American female “Pop Diva” and this British pop icon will come as a shock to many, and their music will be greatly missed by their fans all around the world!

5/17/2012 – UPDATE – I have strong regret as I announce the first passing of these two major pop icons that I had predicted yesterday. The announcement of Donna Summer’s passing today, came as an unexpected shock to the whole world! Rest In Peace Donna. Your music will live on, and you will live in our hearts forever.

5/20/2012 – UPDATE: Sadly as I announce this with tears in my eyes, my second prediction has already come to pass today with the passing of Robin Gibb, the founding member of the Bee Gee’s. He will be greatly missed by fans all around the world. Rest in peace Robin, and our prayers are with you and your loved ones at this moment!

– The US government has been in contact with alien forces for over the past 30 years. Inventions such as the laser, certain high-tech aircrafts, satellite technology, many electronic inventions, and many of our major medical advancements have been taught to us from our contact with aliens. In exchange for their knowledge, we have been allowing them to study humans, and abduct a certain amount of humans each year, as long as the people who have been abducted are not harmed, and their memories are erased as not to traumatize them after an abduction. (I was shown much more, but I will not go into all of it here – it is too mind-blowing!)

– UFO sightings will be on the increase in 2012. Especially between July and November of 2012.

– All eleven signs of the zodiac, except Libra, are going to experience major shifts in their love lives starting on June 12th, and lasting until December 28th of 2012! These shifts will be like a “ship trying to ride giant waves”! People who are not born under the sign of Libra will need to astrally travel into the higher realms where their Akashic Records are located, or find a person who can do this for them. They will need to review their records right away, because the information for how to avoid these waves is only contained in these records. Otherwise, there will be lots of emotional turmoil and sadness that will follow!

– A cure for many cancers and even HIV is already known, but due to corporate greed, these cures have not and will not be released to the public, because the cure is not as profitable as keeping people on medicine!

– Many Libras will find their true soul mate in 2012. Those Libras who are already with their soul mate, will experience an even stronger bond of love.

– Over the next 12 years, advancements will be made in the ability to teleport a physical body from one location to another using a teleportation device similar to what they used in Star Trek!

– Self driving cars will be refined and start being tested in 2025. You will simply get into the car, tell a voice-recognition, GPS-type device, that is installed in the car, where you want to go, and it will automatically drive you there. Special magnetic plates inserted into the pavement will guide the car.

– Within 12 years, and strong support from the Republican party, security cameras will be placed all over the US on every major street, mall, or and neighborhood, just as they currently have in Britain, where an eye-in-the-sky will be watching the moves of all US citizens. Major body scanning devices in airports are the “preparations” for getting Americans used to being watched and controlled!

– A hybrid humanoid-amphibian race will be discovered on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean in 2022. They will look like a human, but their skin will have a bluish cast to it, their features will be a cross between humanoid and reptile, and their skin will have a raised, scale-like appearance to it. This will be the first discovery of an human/alien hybrid race. Although it will try to be covered up in the media and referred to as a myth, verifiable and undeniable video footage will be leaked to the general public.

– We are going to discover that this reptile-like race is the result of secret governmental crossbreeding experiments between humans and aliens that took place over 15 years ago. It’s purpose was to try and create a Super Race. When this “special breeding program” was aborted, it was decided that rather then kill these beings, they would be placed on a remote island, far away from civilization, to be researched and studied over a period of years. This information will get “leaked” to the general public, who at first, will think it is too ridiculous to be possible, only later to find that it is true!


– As the interest in alternative medicine continues to grow, psychic surgeons will become the ‘new” doctors in alternative medicine in the next 14 years. More and more people will seek out this non-invasive type of surgery, causing many traditional medical surgeons to seek training in psychic surgery from psychic surgeons who have been practicing this type of surgery for years in the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico.

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  1. Jo-Ann says:

    HI Tana,
    I love your blogs and with Donna Summers,apparently she kept her illness a secret from the media. May her and Robin keep playing music in the heavens above.
    Thanks for your emails and hopefully my horoscope for June will be of benefit to my career.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thanks Jo-Ann.

      • Tammy says:

        I am getting the feeling I have abilities ,as I know for a fact Aliens are here and always have been.I believe they relayed messages to Nikola Tesla, where most of the inventions you mentioned came from.He is a big hero of mine.

  2. BrittaNy says:

    ThiS Is AmazinG info!!
    This Will open your eyes n Beliefs to Another level.
    ThanKs for sharinG ur insights with US!
    Love always B.H

  3. Joely Sampson says:

    Hi Tana, I am a Libra and have been married this year in Aug will make 23 years he is a Cancer and he has been giving me hell since I met him. I feel like I have been in the ocean in a tiny boat riding waves and drowning all at the same time, and I also have been dealing with a illness for the last 14 years. Lord have mercy on me…

  4. Don D says:

    Love it. I had a vision about the aliens a few years ago.

  5. From: Ray A. says:

    Tana, with the power of prayer and laying on of hands the Lord can manifest what is important to me and can help. I believe you are focused Tana and seek a higher conscious connection to the comos. I also believe you know Jesus and Satan are real enemies with each other. So I encourage you to continue blessing people with your visions and possible quotes from the Bible for stability.

    Being dogmatic or unsincere in helping others is not your desire.
    You have a higher calibration in your thoughts and visions thanks to your Angels working with you.

    Your winning spirit can save lives. Thanks for sharing your higher conscious connection…Having a reading with you in the near future sounds feasible.

    Archangel Michael is the conquerer of Satan. Legend speaks of Michael disputing with Satan of the burial of Moses: helped Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Metatron in doing so. Michael gave Moses the Kingdom of our Freedom in heaven while holding the keys to our lives. Michael who I think manifested to being Moses was also the destroyer of Babylon. Michael brings the gift of patients so when you ask your clients if they would like a reading, when the time is right the Angels will reveal… The Angels with continue to reveal to your clients the sources of true soulmates, happiness, and financial blessings. Your cosmos connections with the Lord and those already passed over with real communications in other dimensions, is within your reach Tana, to help your clients stay focused and ready for a better life.

    Your Friend,

    Ray Allan James

  6. From: Ray A. says:

    The holy ghost made me write this. Five minutes after sending the above message my ink pen moved on its own and made a sound hitting my table.

    God is With Us…

  7. minerva says:

    hey Tana i do not have girlfriend
    i love all of your psychic stuff Tana

  8. Sharday Wiles says:

    Wow, I had a date faintly told to me, that something was gonna happen through June 8th-12th! This has made me more confident about it! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for sharing! :3

  9. vanessa angel fiti says:

    this was amazing visions, love it, very informative. xxx

  10. Amanda Freeney says:

    I love reading your predictions ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s interesting to know about the alien/human hybrid stuff….I have the weirdest dreams sometimes and wonder why I would dream about things that don’t exist. They may not be dreams about aliens n such but as least I feel better knowing that there are “other” things out there and I’m not crazy. It’s insane to me that there are cures for all types of illnesses and they’re kept secret because the pharmaceutical companies just want to make money off of people. Thank you for taking your time to write these predictions, I’m sure many of your followers can’t wait to read them either!

  11. Michele says:

    I’m married to a libra. But I’m a cancer. Is this a good thing??? Good post tana!!



    • Canela says:

      Dear Nikiesha Height,

      Can you tell me more about the aids cure from Africa? or what your friends said about it? Very interested to hear. I found some info on it years ago but when I went back to follow up on it, I could not get to it.

  13. Hybrid of alien & human says:

    I firmly believe in hybrids of alien/human for several years. I noticed that American Gov’t supported in multiculturalism. They pushed us to accept the cross breeding easier. Plus open borders of Mexico and Canada. AZ wasted their times fighting the border. Gov’t planned to unite North & South Americas like EU. Thank you very much for sharing your prediction for 2012 & beyond. I enjoy to read your FB.

  14. TS says:

    Hi Tana! I love this one “- As the interest in alternative medicine continues to grow, psychic surgeons will become the โ€˜newโ€ doctors in alternative medicine in the next 14 years. More and more people will seek out this non-invasive type of surgery, causing many traditional medical surgeons to seek training in psychic surgery from psychic surgeons who have been practicing this type of surgery for years in the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico.” Looking forward to it! Thanks! p.s. I didn’t know Robin Gibb died too! Wasn’t he in a coma at not too long ago and then he woke up from that coma? I wonder why God brought him back from a coma only to have him pass away like this, shortly after.

  15. Carla Meeks says:

    I’m just so amaze of your predictions Tana. WOW I’m so speechless your so amazing RIP DONNA AND ROBIN

  16. Ashley says:

    Hey Tana,
    This is a very interesting article. I was wondering if you are having any classes or workshops this following year. I would be very interested to attend.

  17. john earle says:

    What about the NESARA Act? It’s a good thing.

  18. annette says:

    Thanks Tana you are a very special person and much loved ! God bless you and keep you safe and happy ! btw how is yoshi doing ? I feel in love with that dog when he laid his head on my lap.

  19. Kat says:

    wow, a cure for cancer and HIV, UFO,new people,…..this is more then I expected. If you know all this Tana,do we have a free will at all?
    Thank you for doing this

  20. From: Ray A. says:

    Brother Tana in Christ

    I have a prayer request: My aunt Norma McNeely has been dying of Cancer I have prayed for her and she really is one who I would like healed. Could you please send your healing light of the Angels to her…Also, her son who continues to be in trouble with the law and is locked up for selling drugs, in the past caused me too lose alot of money and knew who had arsoned my diesel rig be reckoned with. Her mother before she dies wishes his life would be spared and cured free of drugs…

  21. IndyChic says:

    Thank you again for your reading the other night. I’m so sorry that the phone kept going dead. Anyway, I wondered if you have ever talked to the extra-terrestrial Bashar channelled through Darryl Anka? Or have you heard about Seth, or Abraham? They are so fascinating. Just like YOU!

  22. Nathan says:

    Hey Tana,
    Always interesting reading your predictions and was surprised that you spoke of more UFO sightings. I had a dream approximately 2 months ago showing me multiple UFO’s flying over, this was a very vivid dream which stood out from others that I have had. Also had a dream about a heat wave….. this one was as vivid as the UFO dream I had but unsure if it had meaning.
    I look forward to more blog posts and your upcoming online course.

    Nathan McDonald

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