Psychic Predictions 2013 (More To Come) – by Tana hoy

Here are more of my psychic predictions 2013 and what you can expect ahead. When giving my psychic predictions 2013, my spirit guides always talk to me, and flood me with information! These psychic predictions even surprised me. As you already know, I predicted the Boston Marathon bombing back in February, and I kept hearing the words “red River” associated with this attack! Now I understand what those words meant. There was a group called the Red River Runners who were in the Marathon, but were not harmed!

psychic predictions

Here Are More Of My Psychic Predictions 2013:

– There is going to be a severe plane crash before November 25th 2013. There are going to be no survivors, and it will happen in India, Indonesia, China, or Egypt. There will be no survivors.

– More UFO sightings are going to occur in the USA. With the energy approaching in July, our alien friends are going to be making their presence more known to those of us here on earth.

– We are going to hear about more and more twins being born in 2013. You might call it the “year Of The Twins”

– The economy is going to be on the rise in 2013. Things are going to continue looking up, and unemployment is going to go down to a very low point!

– Make sure to get your flu shot when winter approaches. This year is going to be one of the worst flus ever going around! Also, make sure to wash you hands more, and keep your immune system strong during this upcoming winter!

– “42 people” are the words I keep hearing. There is going to be an event that will have to do with 42 people. This could be another bombing where 42 people die, but whatever it is, it will involve exactly 42 people!

– Ghost activity will be on the rise for the rest of 2013. Expect to see lots of ghost activity, especially on photos you take!

– Gas prices will actually start going down after the summer. Many places in states like California will see gas prices drop below $3.25 a gallon.

– The housing market will continue to rise! Housing prices are going to start going up and up, and it will become a sellers market!

– This summer is the best time to make your financial investments. Summer is also a good time to start making long-term financial plans for retirement.

These are my newest psychic predictions 2013. As each month approaches, I will be making new psychic predictions 2013 to keep you updated on what lies ahead!

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  1. Teresa L. Marroquin says:

    I love your insights and predictions. Thank you for your help keeping my spirit up.

  2. Beatrice Kirchner says:

    Tana, Do you think these terrible (and often) incidents are happening because of the current administration’s lax policies in every aspect of our nation’s security? Also should we be concerned about foreign troops on our soil and attacks from within? Our country’s loose security and “normalcy bias” really concerns me. Complacency and apathy are dangerous.

  3. Angie says:

    Wow Tana it’s scary but thank u so much for letting us know… Truly appreciate u doing this for us god bless my friend .

  4. Sue-Ann Wayne says:

    I guess you don’t know how toxic the flu shots & other innoculaitions are. I wish you hadn’t recommended it. I don’t have a source to recommend for you to research, but flu shots are causing serious health issues to most who take it. Mercury is one of the ingredients. Please do not allow yourself to take a flu shot. Dr. Oz has been forced to advise for them because, on his show, he once told his audience not to get them. that’s all for now. Thanks for sharing your predicitions. Namaste, Sue-Ann

  5. Nasir Khan says:

    Dear Tana Hoy, I would appreciete if you kindly give your insight about Pakistan as you see elections have taken place and new government is going to have a hard task to pull the country out of crissis. Thanks in advance.

  6. roxanne says:

    I don’t do flu shots. The shots actualy give you the flu. The flu is in the shot or atleast that’s what I have heard. a small amount but thats all it take to become very sick. Every yr my mom got her shot and because very ill with the flu. She always had to go back to dr for help. I will never ever get a flu shot. I amost 50 and have never had a flu shot and also had never had the flu

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