Psychic Predictions 2013 (Celebrity)

Here are my psychic predictions for 2013 for celebrities! These psychic predictions for 2013 focus on celebrities and their interesting lives! You may be surprised by some of my psychic predictions, while others may not surprise you at all!

I hope you enjoy reading my 2013 psychic predictions as much as I enjoyed predicting them!


Amanda Bynes 

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes

I’m afraid to comment on Amanda Bynes because she might call me ugly! My guides tell me that when she started all of this on twitter, she discovered it was a great way to keep her name out there, so she has just continued doing it! Even if you ignore her, she will still find a way to get people’s attention.

We are going to find that she becomes a bit like Michael Jackson when it comes to plastic surgery – she will end up going to far!

My guides tell me that we are seeing the beginnings of a sort of mental illness that is either being brought on by drug use, or maybe it’s genetic! But regardless, we are going to see creepier and creepier behavior from her! She will eventually be seen in a sex video” that “leaked out”. After the video “leak” she will hire the right PR team, and after some time passes, all will be forgotten, and her fame will rise high!


Paula Deen 

paula deen

Paula Deen

Paula Deen is going to take a hiatus, and then she will eventually comeback. This “clean-up” team she is hiring (Smith and Company) will tell her she needs to step back awhile, as some behind the scenes agreements are being for her to make a later comeback at an agreed upon time. None of this will be known to the public, other than reading it here, right now, but this is how it will go down.

The only reason she is being held so accountable is because all those companies are afraid that if they don’t do something, they will suffer as a result. So my guides tell me they are taking the attitude that “it is better to overreact now and then slowly work with her again”.

These companies are being overly cautious until they feel the public pulse is ready to forgive her, rather than risking having their company becoming branded as not taking bigotry seriously.

Within 9 to 12 months, she will slowly make a comeback, and then she will comeback bigger and stronger than ever! She will be the next biggest cooking star!


Justin Bieber 

justin bieber

Justin Bieber

We are going to start seeing more and more erratic behavior from him. My guides tell me that Justin began using drugs as any teenager might do, but that is going to turn into an addiction, and the addiction is what is going to eventually become his downfall.

We can expect to see more and more crazy behavior from him, and what we are going to see happen is that as he grows older, so will his fans. So he will morph from the pop idol, into a more mature version of himself. Like Miley Cyrus has done.

The Justin we know and see now, will not be the same Justin in two years. We are soon going to start hearing rumors of him living a rockstar lifestyle, such as sleeping with lots of women, and a few women will claim he has gotten them pregnant. These claims will all be settled out of court! Eventually, his drug use will all catch up with him, and it is going to end for him as a tragic life story.


Lindsey Lohan 

lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan

I have been predicting that Lindsey would continue to struggle with drugs, ever since this all came to light. And unfortunately, this is will not be her last struggle with drugs either. What I see is that she hasn’t really hit her bottom, which is necessary for an addict to have happen before they are willing to get sober.

My guides tell me she keeps going to rehab not because she is ready to quit, but she goes to try and avoid deeper legal troubles. So she is going to rehab for all the wrong reasons. She is going to eventually hit her bottom, and when she does, she will get help then. But she will not hit bottom anytime soon.

What is going to happen is that due to all her drug use, she will become branded in Hollywood as someone Hollywood no longer wants to deal with. Once this happens, she is going to realize that her star will fade forever if she doesn’t get clean off drugs, and this will be the bottom that causes her to get help!

After she does get clean and sober, she will come back very strong – just like Robert Downy Jr. did.


Paris Jackson 

paris jackson

Paris Jackson

We are going to see Paris becoming more and more out of control. We are going to find she will start battling with food eating issues, and she will also get hooked on prescription drugs of some kind.

My guides tell me she wasn’t raised in the stable environment the Jackson family tried to portray to the media when Michaels kids were growing up. So she is now dealing with deep psychological issues as a result of her messed up childhood.

The family is going to cover up her issues and try to present her image as normal, to try to keep her craziness out of the public eye. But after a few events where she exhibits reckless behavior in public, the issues she is dealing with will all come to light. She will be a work in progress. As she continues finding herself, I won’t be surprised if she eventually tries her hand a dating girls!


Kanye and Kim 

kanye and kim

Kanye and Kim

They will end up getting married, but the marriage will end up being a mess. Right now everything may seem like the fairy tale couple  between them, but my guides tell me that as time goes by, the two of them will eventually end up in divorce.

I also keep seeing that Kanye can have a tendency to be controlling and wanting things his way, and Kim will eventually feel smothered by this and eventually want to move on. When this happens, believe it or not, there are going to be rumors of infidelity on Kim’s part! I’m talking a couple of years down the road after they marry.

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There are my psychic predictions for 2013 for a few celebrities that many people asked me about! You can read more of my psychic predictions for 2013 each month, by visiting my blog!


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    What about Beyonce and Jay-Z and Blue Ivy; Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats and Egypt, Prince Rogers Nelson (musician/legend),

  2. Nan says:

    Regarding the Biebs..when you say tragic life story…meaning he passes

  3. Viva says:

    Paris Jackson has no reason to lie about her childhood. She’s a very honest, emotional girl and all the stories came from her own mouth. Micheal Jackson was actually a great dad!

  4. Lala says:

    Hello, can we get psychics prediction from other celebrities like Miley Cyrus?

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