Psychic Predictions For 2013 – Psychic Tana Hoy

There are many changes that are going to be happening in 2013. With the passing of 12-12-12 and also 12-21-12, the passing of these days were the beginnings of major shifts in the energy poles of the Universe!

These shifts has caused huge vibrational waves to be sent out into the Universe, causing a change in the energy axis that regulates the flow of Universal energies!

Due to this major shift, we are going to see huge happenings in 2013, so here are my psychic predictions for 2013:

– George Bush Sr, is going to pass away. (I had already predicted this earlier this year before he became ill)

– Major weather catastrophes are going to hit the US again. Florida, North or South Caroline, and parts of Ohio are going to be heavily affected in 2013.

– The economy will continue to improve in 2013. Many more people are going to find jobs, and the economy is going to continue to prosper.

– Major sex scandals are going to surface in Washington, and this is going to cause embarrassment to many people associated with this.

– Another tragic shooting is going to take place. It will take place somewhere like Montana or Texas, a state that we think of as not being a major metropolis, but the shooting will take place near a large city. It will take place before February 1st, and it will happen in a school or college. The state it takes place in will be a state that we might associate with cowboys or farming. (The other shooting that I said would take place in New York has already happened).

– Two more hollywood celebrities will come out of the closet in 2013. One will come out by choice, and the other will be forced to come out due to getting exposed by a somewhat embarrassing situation.

– Oprah Winfrey will be involved in some sort of accident that will turn out ok. This could be a broken bone due to a slip or fall, or another type of accident of some sort.

– There are going to continue to be increased reports of UFO sightings around the world. Alien life is going to step up it’s efforts to show their existence to the our planet.

– Many people are going to notice an increase in the psychic ability! They will notice being able to seemingly just “know things” before they happen.

– Gold prices are going to rise again in 2013.

– There is going to be an increase in pregnancies in 2013. Women are going to find themselves more fertile than before, and should take extra precautions if they don’t want to get pregnant.

– There is going to be a fatal crash involving a well-know airline company. It will take place outside of the USA.

– There is going to be an assassination attempt on the life of George Bush Jr.

– More riots are going to take place in the middle east, protesting the presence of the US in their country.

– A new song will create a dance craze around the world in 2013. Much like the Hustle from the 70’s, and line dancing, that came from the song Achy Breaky Heart in the early 90’s.

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Please leave more your thoughts and comments below if you enjoyed my predictions.

I hope you enjoyed reading my psychic predictions for 2013. I will be releasing more of my 2013 psychic predictions each month here on my blog!



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  1. Joely Sampson says:

    Hi Tana Hoy, in your 2013 predictions you said that you previously predicted that George Bush Sr would pass away before he got sick. I’m not trying to step on your toes but in your previous predictions this is what you wrote,Prediction # 8

    George Bush Jr. will be struck with a life threatening, terminal illness in 2013.
    I read everything you post and write so which prediction is correct?

  2. Kim says:

    Love reading ur predictions!! I look forward to 2013 and I hope the new year will bring me good fortune!

  3. Angel Greo says:

    Sound great. I look forward to the coming year and will keep an eye out for these events. Happy New Year Tana!!!

  4. Pearl says:

    Yeppers! Would agree with these. Always wonderful and enlightening, Tana!

  5. CHERYL says:


  6. LASonya says:

    Love your horoscope and predictions keep up the great work.

  7. Linda Webster says:

    Being diagnosed with a terminal illness doesn’t necessarily mean someone is imminently dying. I have worked for a hospice for 15 years, and some folks live up to 3 years and longer after being diagnosed. I personally believe that he will be eventually diagnosed with lung cancer. I had this thought when I first heard he was in the hospital with bronchitis and fever. I believe it is there now, but was not visable on x-rays done with this hospitalization. I hope I am wrong, as I wish this on noone, but my gut feels pretty strongly on this one.

  8. paris says:

    Cool predictions! Im looking forward to how the govnmt will handle and try and hide the alien sightings.

  9. Rosemarie says:

    I very much enjoyed your post Tana! I also have something to ask you, I am feeling that we will fall off the “fiscal cliff”. Will this cause some sort of uprising? My mother and I are feeling this coming on, do you feeling this as well? Thank you! 🙂

  10. Denzel S. says:

    Jodie Foster comes out of the closet!

  11. Darcy says:

    George Bush is the reason this country is such a mess, but i do not want to see him die. People need to find better things to do then kill innocent people in school shootings. There are many celebs that are in the closet…. TRUST ME!

  12. judith deveney says:

    i have had a terrible 2012 yr of nonsense put me through alot! i was hoping and wondering about 2013. last year was the icing on my pretty struggling life in general. hope you can shed some positive light for me.

    thank you

  13. shane says:

    Hahaha your right the Harlem Shake is the new dance craze!

  14. Soheila says:

    Your predictions are wonderful Tana. In the middle east, ( Afghanistan) riots raised protesting the presence of the US in their country!

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