Psychic Predictions for 2014 (More To Come) – by Tana Hoy

So far, several of my psychic predictions for 2014 have already happened. I had predicted the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the DUI of Justin Bieber, the major snowstorms that have been hitting the country, and even the stock markets dip that just recently happened!

Below you are going to find more of my psychic predictions for 2014. As I was meditating on some of these 2014 predictions, I was a bit taken back by the visions I saw for 2014!

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Watch this video to hear even more of my 2014 psychic predictions:


There is going to be another tragic death of an actor in Hollywood. This time it is going to be a female! Fans around the world will not be prepared for her passing, and many will be in shock when it happens.

More legal problems are in store for Justin Bieber. They will involve more drugs and alcohol, and people are going to start wondering “When is he going to learn?”

Another male Hollywood actor is going to pass due to a drug related incident! Her passing is going to surprise many people!


As the battle for gay marriage continues on, even states that try to ban gay marriage by making it part of their state constitution, are not going to be successful.

The Republican Party is going to experience a very embarrassing fiasco during the summer months. Accusations are going to be made against certain Republican senators in Washington, that many will find hard to believe. But when all is settled, these “accusations” will be found to be true!

Senator Larry Craig will be back in the news again for being accused of soliciting sex again from another male!

Stock Market

2014 is going to be an overall good year in the stock market. There will be a few ups and downs, but overall, it will be a good year!

Gold prices will rise up again before the end of summer.

Silver is going to be a good investment in 2014.

Medical Discoveries

New miracle drugs will be released this year that are going to have great success in the treatment of certain cancers!

There will be talk about cloning dinosaurs and other ancient species, but the uproar from the public will be so great, the talk will die down. Although the experiments will still take place secretly behind closed doors!

Weather Around The World

Just as I had predicted the extreme winter weather patterns this year, there will also be extreme summer weather temperatures in several parts of the world. The Midwest in the US is going to experience extreme heat, and many tropical countries will experience extreme temperatures too!

Major flooding will hit the Philippines, and also parts of Indonesia. India and Vietnam will also have some weather occurrences that will have devastating affects.

Psychic Occurrences

Many people are going to find their psychic abilities seem to get stronger around the spring and summer of 2014. This will be due to the planetary alignments that are going to take place. Many people will feel confused by this, and not know how to handle it!

More crop circles are going to appear in 2014. Although they will be explained away by the media as being the result of people playing a hoax! But we all know the real truth!

The Economy

The US economy is going to be strong throughout 2014. People, who don’t have jobs, are going to find a job. And people who have a job, are going to find better ones if they search for one.

The economy in Australia is going to suffer some setbacks in the summer of 2014, but it will start recovering again as fall approaches.

Russia is going to face a near financial collapse within 8 months after the Olympics ends there.

Around The World

The US will withdraw financial support from Uganda, due to passing a law making homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. Regardless, Uganda will not back down, and will allow it’s people to suffer from the withdraw of support, rather than change it’s attitudes. Many people will die from starvation as a result.

The cloning of human organs will make advancements in 2014. Great success will be accomplished in this area of medical research.

China will start competing with Japan for the electronics market. Fierce competition and rivalry will develop between these two countries in regards to production and development.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my newest psychic predictions for 2014. If you’d have answers about love, your career, money, or your future. click here to learn more about scheduling a psychic reading.

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  1. Sag says:

    Hi Tana!

    When you mentioned that many people’s psychic abilities will get stronger this year does this mean the opening up of “new” abilities or stronger abilities in what you already have?! For example : I am clarsentient . In the past I’ve been told I was clairvoyant but that I was “blocking”. Could I become clairvoyant or claraudient this coming year, or would my clarsentience just get stronger? This is actually very exciting to me and not confusing at all! I can’t wait! LOL

  2. loretta wiggins says:

    I would like to know what is going to happen with the missing plane.

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