More Psychic Predictions For 2014 – by Tana Hoy

My newest psychic predictions for 2014 involve predictions that will happen as we begin to get further into 2014,

Whenever I want to know what is going to happen in the future, I always go into a deep trance state, where I consult with over 200 spirit guides and guardian angels, asking them what to expect in the upcoming days and months ahead!

psychic predictions 2014

Psychic Predictions For March 2014

I also will start to have visions and see images of events that are going to happen, and I write them down when they come to me. Many times, they just come to me out of nowhere!

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So here are more of my 2014 psychic predictions for this month!


We are going to see some interesting events transpire in Hollywood in the upcoming months.

There is going to be a huge sex scandal involving one of the executives of one of the top three movie studios. There will be a claim that he is asking for sexual favors to give actresses a break in their careers. Once the whistle is blown on him, others will come forward with their stories involving their dealings with him.

There is going to be a major actor that is going to come out – but it is going it surprise many people, because several of their fans will never have even suspected they are gay!

Elton John and his partner David Furnish will announce they are planning to have another child.

World Events

Just as I had predicted the missing flight 370, unfortunately, there is going to be a major plane crash that is going to cost the lives of many people. It will not happen in the USA.

The Cost of gold is going to rise up again, and then stabilize throughout the rest of 2014. People who invested in gold over 5 years ago are going to be happy with the profits they make!

A major weather disaster is going to hit Indonesia, and possibly even Malaysia! There will be major damage to the area, and there will be several lives lost.

The US dollar is going to get stronger towards the middle of 2014.


History is being made! Gay marriage bans are going to be overturned by the Supreme Court in Utah, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, and Texas!

Several Republican Senators who voted to keep gay marriage bans in their states will find that their negative votes will cost them getting reelected. Many politicians who voted to ban gay marriage, will publicly claim they wished they hadn’t voted against it to try to save their careers for reelection.

Hilary Clinton will be our next female president!


There is going to be a major UFO sighting in the Midwest! This will make national news, but the excitement will die down when it is claimed to be a weather balloon. But observant people will quickly realize that it couldn’t possibly have been a weather balloon

Another major sighting will happen in the Far East! The news reports from where it happens will not try to cover it up for what it really is!

Stock Market

The stock market is going to do well in 2014. Expect some more dips between August and October, but also expect it to quickly rise back up again.

There are my psychic predictions for 2014! I hope you have enjoyed them.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Hi tana, you talked about the missing MH370, but never mentioned Mh17 crashing is there another plane going to crash?

  2. Maryann says:

    Even before anyone knew on the whereabouts of flight 370. I asked my Spirit Guides “where did this plane go down” and I heard “The Indian Ocean” but I did not get information on when they would ever find this plane. What do you think Tana? Will they ever find flight 370?

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