More Psychic Predictions for 2014 (May Release) – by Psychic Tana Hoy

This is going to be an interesting month of psychic predictions for 2014!

Each month, when I am ready to make my psychic predictions, I meditate for over two hours, with all 200 of my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, to discover what is going to happen in the world.

psychic predictions for 2014

Psychic predictions for 2014

My guides and angels show me visions of what’s to come, and then I write down what I see, hear, and am told by them.

What I saw this month was interesting and also fascinating to me, so here are more of my 2014 psychic predictions!

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There is going to be a major revelation about the health of one of Hollywood’s famous! This news is going to sadden and surprise many people, because it had been kept secret from the public!

Justin Bieber will be back in the news with more crazy behavior! There are going to be some accusations that he is “experimenting” with some more serious types of drugs!

Steven Spielberg is going to release some surprising news!


As the battle for gay marriage is losing ground for the religious right, there are going to be shootings at abortion clinics starting to resurface again. The people behind this will claim that they are only doing God’s work to help protect the lives of innocent, unborn children.

A Republican Senator from Texas is going to be exposed for being involved in illegal political dealings, which involve taking bribes and payoffs to influence votes that benefited oil and cigarette companies.

Stock Market

The Stock Market may take a plunge between May 1st and July 15th, but it will quickly rebound. So there will be nothing to worry about!

Around The World

China is going to be exporting more and more tea to the United States, due to tea drinking becoming a renewed interest in the US. The US is going to see more and more Tea Houses opening, reminiscent of the early 1900’s.

Tensions are going to rise between North and South Korea! There are going to be many threats made by North Korea, but none of them will be followed through. Although, governments around the world will become very concerned about this, it will be resolved between North and South Korea.

More terrorist bombings are going to take place in Indonesia towards the latter part of 2014. Several lives will be lost, but no group will come forward to claim they were responsible!


There are going to be intense rains that hit Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and even the Midwestern part of the United States, between the months of May and September.

Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, and even Texas, are going to experience extreme heat during the summer months. There are going to be record-breaking heat waves!

Love And Romance

There are going to be more divorces take place in certain countries in 2014, than in several years previous. The reason for this will have to do with planetary misalignments that will have impacted the earth during 2014, causing many people’s affections to stray!

Between May and August are going to be the best months to meet your soulmate in 2014! Any relationships problems will also begin to improve during these months too!

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There are my psychic predictions for 2014. I hope you have enjoyed them, and make sure to look for more of my 2014 psychic predictions again next month!

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  1. Sandy R says:

    Your predictions are amazing! I remember when you predicted the Boston Marathon Bombing! Wow! You are really good! Planning to get a reading from you soon!

  2. Carolyn Smith says:

    Sandy, Tana also predicted the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, AND the Oklahoma City Bombing, among many others! Tana, I love your predictions because they are always spot on!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love your predictions Tana! Keep up the good work!

  4. Kelli B. says:

    Tana, your predictions are incredible and so are your readings! I’ve had over four reading with you, and almost everything you’ve told me in my readings have come true!
    You’re the best! Love you Tana!

  5. Carnita J. says:

    Tana, thank you for your predictions. You are the most gifted psychic I know! Sending you lots of love!

  6. Steve H. says:

    Keep up the good work Tana! I really enjoy reading your blog and also your psychic predictions! They are so accurate.

  7. Ray A. James (1-1147) ISBN:1-882952-12-0 says:

    Tana remember we all learn from the best. We can often unite as a Team.

  8. Bob Snyder says:

    Hi Tana! You’re the best psychic I’ve ever had a reading with!

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